Hello! My name is Jeff Christianson and I train, equip, disciple and certify Biblical Counselors!

This is simply a way to get the word out to the folks who are looking for a Biblical Counseling mentor. I'm available to serve in this capacity.

This site is new and will likely change as I find out what my students are looking for. So, let me know if you are interested in personal enrichment, deep discipleship, becoming certified,  or earning at university degree in counseling.

DO YOU FEEL COMPETENT IN YOUR COUNSEL? Are you walking in your gifting now? If not, you are in the right place - we can help you get equipped!

I am passionate about training all Christians, especially ministry leaders and church teams to counsel God's way. I accomplish that objective through online courses and events.

  • Grow in Biblical Understanding

We believe (like you do) that the Bible reveals the answers for life’s problems. That’s why our training is based on Biblical principles.

  • Learn at Your Convenience

You need a training experience that fits your schedule. Our online platform is designed for convenience and flexibility. We have independent study opportunities and guided mentorships.

  • Have a Greater Impact

We understand that you want to help those around you. Our students learn practical insights that impact lives. Many students put their learning into practice daily.

We describe our philosophy as “Biblical Counseling with a Gentle Voice.”  This is a key phrase because counseling points to the hope and truth found in Jesus revealed through the Word. You will find that your training is intentional determined to bring compassionate care and wise, practical solutions to the painful difficulties people are facing, whether spiritual or emotional.

Our biblical counseling training is designed to increase your ability to counsel with competence and confidence. You’ll be primed to counsel hurting people through many difficulties of life in a fallen world.

Our mission has been to equip individuals and churches to counsel the hurting in their homes, congregations, and communities. If you desire to offer competent and compassionate counsel to the hurting, we can help!

I’ve created a free mini-course to help you get started.  Tell us where to send the log in credentials below...

Hello! I’m Pastor JeffDean of Biblical Counseling

My goal is that every article you read

helps you  Counsel God's Way.

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