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156: Counseling with the Comfort of the Rapture

What does the end times have to do with biblical counseling? Everything is going according to plan. Because we have the scripture on our side to teach these things, we need to know what’s happening around us and compare it to the Word of God.  

We invite you to listen to the full episode of the Biblical Counseling Podcast with Jeff Christianson. Know that when you get anxious, nervous, fearful, and worried you can see the scriptural timeline that God is in control.


  • Many have had this discussion on the rapture. Some say we are pre-trib. Some say we are post-trib. I really do not want to live through tribulation. Maybe that’s why I have always been a pre-trib person. Plus I was raised that way. I do feel comfort in telling people I meet with about the comfort of knowing Christ. And about what scripture says. When we are sharing with someone, we are planting seeds. As Jeff talked about planting (literal) seeds, we can see how we do our part and God does the rest. He brings growth as we encourage one another, to read their Bibles, to pray, and to seek God. Thank you Jeff for the reminder.

  • The thought of the rapture taking place at anytime is so exciting and brings comfort to my heart. It is a wonderful reminder to me and those I counsel that Jesus has defeated death, and that this troublesome life will no longer be when we go to be with Him. Our hope is our future in our heavenly home, in the presence of the Lord. Our future places proper perspective on the things we face in this world, and helps us to understand this earth was never meant to be our home.

  • I must confess that I cannot recall ever employing the rapture in a counseling context. Therefore, I appreciate Jeff reminding me of the Spirit’s exhortation to “comfort one another with these words.” I also appreciate other texts that encourage us to patiently persevere until the coming day of the Lord. I can especially see where these texts could be relevant and helpful in the context of grief and loss. “brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be UNINFORMED about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope.” These ARE tremendous words of both hope and comfort for those who are wading through the grief process.

  • I must admit, when I was a new believer, I would be terrified when I would hear seasoned believers speak about Prophecy, I was not encouraged, but as a follower and believer in Christ now for over 13 years I have seen HIS Word come to life! HIS Word is life and prophectic messages based on The Word of God reign true! There is so much comfort in knowing we stand on the side of Victory, we serve a Victorious God and this world we are just passing through. As Pastor Jeff said, we are to relate to those we counsel and I believe we will all always be able to remind each counselee of our very own journey and walk with Christ. Sharing in our faith together.

  • Love that we can encourage those who are grieving with the confident expectation of scripture. And that we can encourage ourselves and others to live well knowing that the lord is coming soon.

    • What a gift! And a Promise! Truly comforting in knowing where we as Christ followers will be at our destination. Having an eternal mindset.

  • Thank you for the encouragement to value the expectant hope of Christ’s return and the rapture of the church while counseling others. Because it is a more mysterious/theologically debated prophecy, it isn’t always one of the first that come to mind for encouragement, but it absolutely can/should be.

    • Amen it wouldn’t have been my first thought to counsel from the perspective of the rapture, but it definitely should be.

      • I share your sentiments Ann I really didn’t think of using the Rapture during counseling but it truly gives hope and comfort especially in the cases of grief and loss. Podcast a bit short though

    • I agree, the Rapture is not what I would think about to counsel with, but hearing this message from Pastor Jeff put so much in perspective. I was sad it ended at 12 mins, looking forward to diving into more next week.

  • It is such an important aspect of our faith to be expectant and to anticipate the rapture and the second coming of the Lord. There is truly and urgency to outreach and the sanctification of the world. It is our mission and our goal to reach all for the Lord. Even the Disciples thought that these events were at hand over two thousand years ago. It is only getting ever closer to that time when He will take us home.

    • Agreed! the eminent return of Christ keeps us vigilant and watchful, with our lamps trimmed, about our father’s business, in season and out of season, as that day draws nigh.

      • Yes the imminent return should make us watchful and ready but the coming of Christ seems to be a rare sermon title these days. Keeping this expectation on our hearts will also compel us to reaching the lost. I search my heart and see that in many ways I do not live truthfully believing in the imminent return of Christ although this is my belief. Reaching the lost and actively doing so I must change.A question
        For us all to consider. Does our lives really represent our belief that Jesus will come at anytime.

        • What you said Joycelyn, reminds me of when I was a little girl. My paternal grandmother would say to me, “Velma, Jesus is coming back soon.” I always wondered why the next day Jesus hadn’t come back yet. 🙂 But she continued to say that. As I matured and grew in my faith I realized what she was saying, and how true it is. Even though we know not the hour or day. He truly is coming back for us!

  • I am very happy that the bible is full of prophecy, it really helps with direction in life. We have our commission and the rest of the story so there is no real need to worry. Almost like watching the same movie that you have seen for the tenth time, there will be brief moments where you may get caught up in the suspense, but that never changes how it ends.

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