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157: Biblical Counseling and the Devil

A lot of people wonder why life can become so difficult. Often, the underlying cause of these struggles is because we are living life on a spiritual battlefield. 

The scriptures make it clear that we have a spiritual enemy. We have a formidable foe and all too often God’s people have been taught very little about this enemy. We live on a battlefield and not a playground! John 10:10 

Pastor Jeff wants to bring to your attention that, as a biblical counselor, you get to remind everyone that we have a spiritual enemy. 

How do we proceed with discipleship and help people navigate life during times of spiritual warfare? Listen to the full episode to learn more about “Biblical Counseling and the Devil”.


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  • Yes it’s a spiritual battle and all the more reason to know the word of God so that we are able to make all thoughts obedient to Christ. Nothing we do is in our strength, but in the arm of the Lord and the Spirit. I loved the ending comments that despite it all we can and should stay focused on the Lord. He is our strength. His is the victory and we will overcome because he has already overcome the world!

  • I appreciate that Pastor Jeff also shared how Satan works in the church to affect relationships and how he can sow doubt and generally hassle the mind of believers. Truly the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God will protect us from the arguments and reasonings that tend to bring doubt, anxieties, and confusion in the mind. When we think of spiritual warfare it is not just focusing on manifestations of the occult or demonic activities but in many subtle ways the warfare is attacking us as believers and if we are not mindful the devil will take advantage of us. Resisting him Apostle James said that he will flee from us. Knowing that we are not wrestling flesh and blood but principalities and powers is a truth that we must carry consciously as a reminder how we are to respond when we are tempted to sin, when we are sinned against and when we see the evil assaults in our world. Do you know this wrestle is in our homes as well and we must know who the true enemy is so that out of ignorance of this Word we do not join with Satan and destroy our homes. Apostle Paul has prescribed the source of our victory which is wearing the full armor of God. Let us stay fully girded and equipped so that we might stand against all the wiles of the devil.

  • This was a wonderful reminder to me, especially with some of the difficulties I have been facing lately. I needed the reminder that God is not a God of confusion–confusion is from Satan. No matter what I face I have victory through Jesus Christ, and I need to live that in faith everyday no matter the circumstances. What a wonderful witness that is to those around us who need to come to know Christ.

    • Yes Angela no matter what we face let us maintain our position of victory which Jesus has already won for us. As Pastor Jeff mentioned Satan is already defeated but he still fights as one whose end has not been determined. We know what Christ has done for us at the cross so we too must keep walking in that victory refusing to surrender our weapons of warfare.

  • Thank you Pastor Jeff for this reminder. I know, and I’ve heard, all of these scriptures before. But I must say listening to this podcast and actually looking up the scriptures again, has opened my eyes to see it a little more clearly. We all know that the enemy is in this world, but sometimes we forget that he is fighting us in the church. Whether we realize it or not, he is roaming around even in our midst of us Christians. As Pastor Jeff said, our counselees need to know that they also have someone that is trying to keep them down, not reading the Bible, not coming to church, not wanting them to fellowship with other believers. We also need to make them aware, of what the Bible says in regards to this, and that Romans 8:37 says that we are More than Conquerors. God is Good!

  • I always appreciate the reminder that while on Earth, in this mortal body, we are in a battle, on foreign soil, until we are called home by Jesus. We are not our own. We’ve been bought at an unimaginable price. We are sojourners and aliens, in a strange land 1Peter 2:11. We are merely passing through. However, that “passing through” is THROUGH ENEMY TERRITORY. Therefore, as Jesus says, let us remain both watchful and vigilant…… For the days are evil! 1Peter 5:8; Eph. 5:16
    However, as Jeff alluded to, our FOCUS throughout our personal battles must always remain on Christ and His ALREADY SECURED VICTORY!

  • Spiritual warfare is real, and it is a great reminder for us to remember that we all have a spiritual foe, and people are not our enemy. Our victory is in Christ, and it is imperative that we clothe ourselves in the armor of God daily. Our hope is in Christ, through Him, we are more than conquerors!

    • Boy can you tell when you have not been putting on the whole armor of God! That is when I become discouraged.

    • Know no-one after the flesh . 2 Corinthians 5:16
      Although this is hard to do when in the middle of a dispute.

  • The song that comes to my mind after this podcast, was Victory.
    I’m gonna see a Victory, for the battle belongs to you Lord. You take what the enemy meant for evil and you turned it for good”
    Amen. Every single thing that the enemy tries to break down, rip, tear apart, God always turns it for HIS good. This world we are living in, is only getting colder by the day. Satan and his demonic spirits are out looking to tear apart family. friends. relationships, this world. This podcast could not have came at a better time. With Roe V. Wade overturn trying to happen, all I see on my social media is a great divide, both sides! Most know my testimony, and how I am Pro-Life and take women through Gods Word who have in their past gone through abortion and are seeking repentance from the Lord and healing. I have such compassion for those hurting ladies and passion for saving babies. When I see and watch video’s of Women, yes Women shouting and chanting that they wish they were aborted or they have had abortions and will keep doing it, it BREAKS EVERY PIECE OF ME. I cannot imagine how God weeps as well. My flesh wants to jump into the computer and tell these people how I really feel, but it is not my battle. It is for God to handle, my service to the Lord is to battle on my knees in prayer and petition for these women and their hearts to be intervened. I know our God can and will, HE changed me, rescued me from a life full of despair, destruction, chaos and pain and lifted me high and washed me clean. HIS Battle. HE Wins, when a life is seeking HIM.

    • Serena, thank you so much for sharing. I absolutely agree. I see the division, the hurt, and the anger on both sides of the issue. And it is just a reminder of our call to grace; sharing with others the gift of grace. Though we disagree with someone, we must speak and engage in love and not jump down their throats. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care about them.

    • Serena, I love that you shared what you are passionate about. God is using you and will continue to use you. I also relate to music and songs when it comes to scripture. So many Christian songs have scripture written into the words, and it brings joy to my heart. Yours, in this particular case, “I’m going to see a Victory, cause the battle belongs to the Lord” is so good. I also like one that says, “Greater is the One living inside of me, than he that is living in the world.” Thank you for sharing.

  • The truth and reality of the battle that the devil attempts to wage is something that seems to be too often swept under the rug in this day and age. The influence he and his demons have on the earth is an ever present threat. It is so true that they work so desperately to thwart the work of the spirit. And the church is the primary front line. They work their hardest to corrupt and prevent people from receiving Christ and to undermine the work that is done each and every day in the lives of believers.

    While this is the case, we are able to have confidence in knowing that it is not a war that he will win. It has already been won. This does not mean that we dismiss the difficult times and the battles; but that we know that’s no matter the outcome of those individual circumstances, he has already been defeated and we are on the winning side! There is an amazing peace that comes with that.

    • Timothy,
      In agreement with you. We are to not dismiss when there are hard things, or evil things being thwarted our way, this is when we are to be seeking, petitioning and asking for Gods direction and protection. Even as we stand on the side of Victory, it will be our faith in HIM, to strengthen us and to show un-believers that HE is a Powerful and Mighty God. HE can save from the one who comes to deceive, destroy and kill.

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