013: Three Types of Conflict

Three Types of Conflict

In this episode, we will look at an introduction to three main types of conflict that we can see in the Bible.

These three main types of conflict are:

  1.  Conflicts that result from Differentness (People are unique).
  2. Conflicts that result from Sinfulness (Clear biblical transgression).
  3. Conflicts that result from Righteousness-issues (Right versus wrong).

When we seek to resolve a conflict, we want to reach the hearts of the people involved as well as the heart of the issue. Then we want to resolve the conflict in a biblical manner, according to the principles given in Scripture to respond to that type of issue. With the time remaining in this podcast, we will learn about the first main type of conflicts; Conflicts that result from Differentness. What this type of conflict looks like, how to recognize this type of issue, and the importance of learning how to live in harmony with one another through biblical communication.

What You'll Discover in this Episode:

  • Conflicts Resulting from differentness  
  • Resolving differentness issues 
  • Forbearance- Simplicity of a willingness to yield to the wishes of another
  • Responding to differentness issues 


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  • Kia Jackson says:

    Hello! My name is Kia and I am the new community manager for the biblical counseling podcast. On behalf on Pastor Jeff, I listened to the podcasts and these are some of my key takeaways- To not go after people in a legalistic way because it is bounding. But rather hover with grace and mercy. This is beautiful. I truly believe in showing people grace and mercy and all while having a forgiving spirit. Also, we do not need man’s way to resolve conflict. Everything we need to deal with conflict in a superior way has been written and given to us in the bible. Finally, forbearance! It is very humbling to take a step back and be able to control oneself without having to confront an issue that’s distasteful to us. Walking in the spirit changes everything! I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this episode. Share below! 🙂

    • jeffchristianson says:

      Hello, Kia!! Welcome to the community. You are such a breath of fresh air to the group 🙂 I am looking forward to serving the Lord together in this venture of faith! Jeff

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