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Spritual Warfare and the Counselor

In this episode, Pastor Jeff Christianson talks to us about spiritual warfare and the counselor.

There is a spiritual foe that comes after us and wants to destroy our life just like a lion would its prey. He desires to rip us off, wipe us out, and tear us down. This is spiritual warfare, and it drives people to seek the counsel of biblical counselors.

There is an enemy, Ephesians 6:11 says.

As we walk with the Lord for a while we learn, that a lot of times, the struggles in life is because we live on a battlefield. We forget that we’re not living on a playground or living in paradise. It is critical that we walk together in reminding one another of spiritual warfare. We need to stand guard.

Spiritual warfare has a biblical remedy for victory. When people come to you with a difficulty, you want to discern and ask the right questions. Listen, pray, and ask God for insight.

We are dealing with a formidable and influential foe who is felt in the entire world. He exercises persuasion and exerts pressure. He blinds the people who will not put their trust in Jesus Christ and he tries to impose his will upon humankind with tactics on three areas as in 1 John 2:16.

  • Lust of flesh
  • Lust of eyes
  • Boastful pride of life

As we understand that we have an enemy, know that we have Christ in victory. The battle belongs to the Lord. The enemy does not stop fighting in the spiritual warfare until he is thrown into the lake of fire (Revelation 20) but he will never win.

We do not have to be afraid of death because we have eternal life in Jesus Christ. We can stand in Jesus’ victory, Romans 8:37 because we are more than conquerors. We are going to face each day with faith. And if we continue walking with Him and trusting Him, we will be victorious because our triumph will be through Jesus Christ. 


We have will have spiritual warfare in our earthly pilgrimage. We know our our enemy and we know our remedy. When someone comes to you for counseling, ask if this is spiritual warfare and recognize the tactics of the enemy. The Holy Spirit will always show us the work of the enemy. The more we grow, the more we understand what’s of the Lord, what’s of the flesh, and what’s of the enemy. 

These are important things to know as biblical counselors. I hope this is helpful to you. Please leave your comments in the comments section. Let us hear back from you.


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