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Counselors Sacrifice for Others

Do you feel that you are mature and have you trained yourself and has God trained you in effective spiritual discernment? Hebrews 5:13-14.

In this podcast episode, Pastor Jeff talks about having the discernment and maturity to counsel others.

More than just gifting alone, becoming an expert biblical counselor or an instrument of God’s counsel requires that you mature on a regular basis. People might be gifted and the Lord might use you. You would want that to grow because you are maturing spiritually so that you will be used to your full potential.

This is important so that you can distinguish the difference between things that are of God, or things of the enemy, or things that are of the spirit and of the flesh. The Bible teaches to administer with effective spiritual discernment.

Spiritual expert

You want to grow godly and develop into a gifted a counselor and be effectively and spiritually used by God. You can find that you would be less and less deceived by the things of the world.

Although you are not highly visible, what is important is that you have been gifted by God to counsel and you are growing in competency, maturing in effectiveness. Galatians 5:22-25

A gentle voice is only going to come when it’s the Holy Spirit gripping the heart of the counselor. We need the fruit of the Spirit to be good, godly, gentle biblical counselors. Spiritual fruit develops when we live by, receive from the Spirit. When we receive supernatural spiritual life from the Holy Spirit, that’s how we are born again.

We walk daily in that dependence to live a life of humility. As we humble ourselves, God sustains by the Holy Spirit. A fruitful biblical counseling is a spiritual walk of the counselor living by the Word of God in prayer. John 15:7

Being a competent counselor goes beyond going to school but you also need to having an abiding fire, born again relationship with Jesus Christ committed to prayer and the Word with a hunger for our own personal lives. Biblical counseling is discipleship.


We want people to come to us and know that we are not going to slander or malign their character. We need to have God’s counsel in people’s lives. We want to be careful. There’s a spiritual responsibility for what you hear. God does not want us to spread around what we learn from private conversations. We need to have a faithful spirit in us. Let us be steadfast, reliable, and trustworthy.  Your ministry will grow with your integrity.

When you feel a call for counseling

  • When you are you someone who loves the Word of God and prayer
  • You also keep confidences. You are trusted.
  • You are willing to put yourself in second place in benefit for the need of others. 1 John 3:16

God wants to use you as His instrument of His counsel and He wants to do that right now, today. We are all the counsel. Some will be more gifted and that is how God designed it. But all believer in general are all called to counsel.


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