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Overcoming Anxiety God's Way

Worry is experiencing unnecessary emotional pain in the face of imaginary suffering. Worry is fear in the absence of real danger. It is overestimating or mentally exaggerating both the possibility of danger as well as the degree of terribleness associated with it. Today's podcast will be talking about the topic of anxiety.

At its core, the manifestation of worry can be as well sinful suspicion. A suspicious person is constantly at the prowl for any evidence that would be substantiate his/her obsessive concern that people are threatening his/her safety.

Worry is anticipating future suffering. However, it’s anticipating without considering the grace that God has promised to those who suffer. There’s always a remedy and biblical answers.

Sometimes it is helpful to learn from our past but there is a point in time where need to press on and forget those things behind but Jesus said to His disciples, “Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will care for itself.” Matthew 6:34.

Worry focuses its attention on what might happen tomorrow. We have enough going on today than dealing with tomorrow. Focus on what must be done now. Actively consider today.

Let's dive more into this topic together. Listen to the full episode.

Featured Resource: Suspicion: How to Overcome “Paranoid” Thinking by Dr. Lou Priolo


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