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Forsaking the Wonderful Counselor

In this episode, we want to talk about walking away and ignoring our Wonderful Counselor. So many Christians underestimate the counsel that the Lord can bring.

“For my people have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters.” Jeremiah 2:13. God was grieved that His very people have turned aside God’s living water (and His counsel) for cisterns that could not hold water.

A major threat that we face as biblical counselors and among the body of Christ is when God’s people are forsaking the Wonderful Counselor. It is when the psychological theories of the world are invited inside of the church.

There is power in a changed life that is transformed by Jesus Christ. When we come to the Word, we are to renounce anything that is spiritually defiling and philosophies that will cheat us and distract us from Christ. We are to humbly allow God to plant the seed of His Word into the soil of our hearts. It is only God’s Word that can save our souls.

We meekly receive the Word with the desire to have our lives transformed by that all that God has said in His Word. This is how we are to live. Eternity is found in Jesus Christ.


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