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Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

In this episode, Pastor Jeff Christianson provides a review on the booklet by Lou Priolo, “Fear: Breaking its Grip”.

If you have ever been afraid or terrified and seem to be stuck in this paralyzing fear and thought process; if you are possessed by fear that your body/soul seems powerless against it; if you have been trapped by the fear monster unable to cry for help – if you have ever been there…

If you are one that’s prone to fear…

Or if you’re a biblical counselor or church leader, and recognize that people have been paralyzed by this fear and they need biblical help God’s way. We have respected the fear that we’ve seen destroy, disable, and paralyze people...

I have got good news. God has good news. God’s Holy Spirit is able to totally give you victory over fear. Not just a barely imperceptible victory but more than triumphant.

You can learn to control fear. We, as God’s people, are responsible before God to control fear. This monster needs to be slain in you heart and never to return. The Word of God will show you how.

Renounce fear. Rebuke sinful fear in your life and say “no” to it. Repent. Turn from sinful fear.

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