012: Weaker Brother, Stronger Brother, Stumbling Blocks and Pharisees


What You'll Discover in this Episode:

The Weaker Brother vs the Stronger Brother

In Episode 12 we are discussing The Weaker Brother, The Stronger Brother, Stumbling Blocks and Pharisees. The weaker brother is the person whose conscience is weak. The sin of the weaker brother tends to be - to judge the stronger brother, while the sin of the stronger brother could be to hold the weaker brother in contempt or look down on him. Our concern should be how we may edify or build up one another and doing things for the best interest of the other.

God doesn’t want to condemn and wants to watch people grow and build with one another. Pursuing peace so often requires the mature Christian to die to self for the sake of love and unity. If we have this heart, we will do well in resolving conflicts.

How can we grow in bearing with those we find ourselves in conflict with?

  • Make list of what it is that is bothering you.
  • Make a list of bible verses that teach you how to respond to conflict in the spirit.
  • Commit the matter to prayer.
  • Take your thoughts captive.
  • The weaker brother is not to judge the stronger, and the stronger is not to regard with contempt the brother who doesn’t eat. 
  • The stronger brother is commended to give up his freedom if it stumbles his weaker brother- out of love.
  • Legalism: Dependence on moral law, rather than personal faith.
  • Licentiousness: having a license to sin.


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