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158: Eschatology and Discipleship

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  • This was a very educational Podcast. I’ve always believed in the rapture. My thoughts were literally, I don’t want to live thru the tribulation.” Which after studying this Podcast with Pastor Jeff, confirms my thoughts. I also like the fact that Pastor Jeff pointed out, during the rapture the Lord is returning for His people. (The church) But that the second coming, is Christ coming back with His people. (the church) In Revelations 3:10 it says that He will keep us from the hour of trial. Until now, I didn’t realize that that was talking about keeping us from the tribulation.

    • I agree with you Velma that Pastor Jeff brought clarity to the events of the Second coming by differentiating between the Rapture (coming for the church) and the second Coming( Coming with the Church) .There are so many views on Eschatology so getting an understanding of the events that culminate the end is certainly beneficial for us as Counselors. Looking forward to the future podcasts on the end times.

  • Thank you so much for this teaching and clarity given to the rapture of the church. This has been a long discussion between my close friend and I. I will be sharing this teaching with her. No matter what we face, no matter how difficult things get, there is a great hope that Jesus Christ is coming for His church. It can be easy to get discouraged seeing everything that is taking place in this world, but as a Christian it is also exciting because we know these are just the labor pains growing closer together and the rapture of the church can happen at anytime. Maranatha!!

  • I appreciate Jeff’s clarity and emphasis on the pre-tribulation rapture of the church. In 1 Thess. 4:18 Paul exhorts the church to COMFORT one another concerning believers who have died in the Lord. He begins in verse 13 by stating that he doesn’t want the church to be IGNORANT concerning those who have died in the Lord. Rather than lay out again the case for a pre-tribulation rapture (as Jeff so eloquently did in the podcast) I want to emphasize within the counseling context the same exhortation Paul gives the Thessalonians. Specifically, the doctrinal importance of the rapture with regard to grief and loss. Being able to be conversant and adept at showing the counselee from the scripture the reason or justification for our Blessed Hope Titus 2:13. The future can be a source of great anxiety for many people, even some Christians. To KNOW God’s very clear, spelled out plan for His church should be an integral part of any good, credible biblical counselor’s working, applicable knowledge base.

    • Ken,
      Thank you for your comment emphasising the rapture, our comfort therein, in the counselling context in regards to grief and loss.
      Ken, perhaps would you be or were you located in So. Cal? Was blessed with a great friend in High School with your name.
      Blessed be His name!

  • When we trust our lives in the hands of Christ, we do not fear His return. Rather we are like the five wise virgins whose lamps are full of oil. We will then Celebrate and look forward to the return of Christ. Knowing that there is laid up for us the crown of Salvation. It is of importance and urgency especially in these days that we are in, to disciple and lead unbelievers toward the Words of God. It is imperative to our walk as believers of Christ to bring others who are currently in despair, hurt, pain, or not have any knowledge of Christ to come to know HIM. As in the days to come, if left behind, there will be much more despair and pain un-imaginable. This is the time to be Bold for Christ.

    • To add; My life in Christ is not ran by fear of HIS return but instead by the confidence of when HE returns, I will be with HIM.

      • Amen!! There is no fear in His return because we are His children. It is so important to share this with those we disciple, who become weighed down by the things of this world. Nothing compares to the glory yet to come.

    • Thank you for sharing, Serena. This is so true. We want to encourage others who are lost, or in despair, have pain, or other issues. I’m thankful to be a part of this ministry.

  • The Revelation of Jesus Christ is a book which should bring us comfort. Knowing that we have a Savior who is coming back to take us home with Him is the best hope we’ve been given, and can give others. While I want to believe that we will be raptured before the tribulation, and see evidence that seems to clearly indicate that we will, I am honestly not 100% convinced (perhaps 95% ;)). What I do know without any doubt, is that those who put their faith in Christ, trusting Him as their Savior, will be with Him for eternity, either through death or rapture. He is our Glorious Hope! Maranatha!

    • IIene,

      I once had a dream where I was driving in my hometown and out of nowhere I heard a trumpet, the sky turned a light pink, opalescent color and everything and everyone around me froze, I heard another trumpet, louder than the first, and the sky turned a bright blue with hints of pale pink and silver. Again, another trumpet sounded off but in such a way that I was comforted. I woke up from my dream and was so disappointed. I truly felt the Prescence of The Lord. For me, revelation was a hard read for me, I had always struggled with not knowing what would happen “after” death. I believe The Lord wanted to show me that in my end, if I stay the course, do as the Lord calls me to and live a life sharing The Gospel to all who will hear, He will welcome me home to our eternity. I will always remember that dream as if it was real.

  • I really appreciate pastor Jeff’s decision to ensure we are all on the same page about our beliefs in regard to these events. Just like with episode 156, there is a comfort to this news of the rapture. And with that comfort, a calling and urgency. It is an encouragement that we will be taken up to be with the Lord before he unleashes His wrath. But, that should incite in us an urgency to bring as many brothers and sisters along with us. Our hearts should ache to reach everyone we know (and even those we don’t know yet) with the truth.

    In addition, we should do our utmost to make ourselves knowledgeable about the events of Revelation; so that we will be competent to inform and counsel others in them. There is a podcast sermon series by pastor Stephen Armstrong titled “Revelation” that I have personally found incredible insightful and helpful to gain understanding of the book. Not an add, just something that I have found helpful and thought I should share.

    • I too appreciate Pastor Jeff making sure we are in agreement with what we believe in and what we are all looking toward. There is great comfort in knowing that The Lord is coming for His church, I have a few friends that believe otherwise and have made it a point to put fear into others’ lives about not being physically prepared for the times that will come. Although I do agree that we should be physically prepared, nothing will prepare us more than spiritually. Being so consumed in The Word of God and reading and applying HIS word so that we can tell and show unbelievers about who HE is, how he came and is coming again.

      • You’re absolutely right Serena! I have had some family friends who have made “Apocalypse Preparation” kits, and have bought into the idea that we will be required to hideout in bunkers. All of this based on the belief that we have already missed the rapture. It is, quite frankly, disheartening and can be damaging to our witness and the message of hope of the Gospel. It’s a distraction to what we ARE to do, which is press on to sanctification and witness to others.

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