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165: Are you called to counsel?

165: Are You Called to Counsel?


What You'll Discover in this Episode:

165: Are You Called to Counsel?

Show notes will be available soon. Listen to the full episode and join us in the community section below.

  • Ann-Louise Graham says:

    1.) I really appreciated this discussion and the truth that we don’t rely so much on the tool (the counselor) but the content ( Jesus Christ) and his sufficiency. Even though we as tools in his hands are expected to be diligent in all that we do.
    2.) I agree the whole ‘expert’ mentality is not helpful. And it’s based on a false idea. As pastor Jeff has said before is biblical counselling a psychological issue or a theological practice? It’s a theological practice Why? Because it is dealing with problems that relate to a person’s walk with the lord. Targeted soul care. We are in the business of helping people to renew their minds to the word of God.
    A clear distinction needs to be made between real brain disease and wrong thinking.

  • Velma Knapp says:

    Very interesting. I really like the way this was presented. I first thought, yes, I know I am called to Counsel, but what are the details of that statement? Reference back to Scripture is something I get excited about. I can relate to scripture much better than someone just telling me. Thank you Jeff for always
    using the Word. Romans 15. We often talk about someone still being “on milk”, not solid food. Hebrews 5. As counselors, we need to be on solid food. Taking time to study the Word to share with others. But always with a “gentle voice”. Encouraging other believers that God is faithful.

  • Tammy Reinhart says:

    This was encouraging to hear that as believers we are all called to counsel and admonish. Pastor Jeff mentioned the verse Rom 15:14 we are full of goodness, filled with the knowledge and competent to instruction one another since we have the Holy Spirit within us. The Holy Spirit will guide us and show us how to counsel those he has put in our path, that is encouraging.

  • Timothy Graham says:

    I love hearing this truth, that we are all called as Christ followers to counsel one another. If we are believers, and have been filled with the Holy Spirit, we are called to admonish one another unto sanctification. Knowing that there are those (ourselves included) who are called to a deeper level of counsel, this is something that we are to encourage all our brothers and sisters in; To counsel those who are in there life. Each and every man and woman in the body of Christ has the ability and calling to provide Biblical counsel to their peers. And the Lord equips us to do so as we earnestly seek him more and more.

    • Ann-Louise Graham says:

      Amen the competency to counsel is for all men and women of God. And as pastor jeff said let’s pray the Lord raises up an army of them.

  • Joycelyn Hoyte says:

    Thanks Pastor Jeff for this podcast of reassurance that every believer is generally called to counsel. As the Williams translation of Romans 15:4 says we are competent to counsel. Since Biblical Counseling is targeted Counseling it is very evident why all believers can share in the counseling ministry because all of us are called to make disciples. What I appreciated from this teaching is the need for the counselor to grow, mature and develop the gift. In the same way the pastor takes time to search resources , compare, study examine historical facts etc, when preparing a sermon, as BiblicalCounsellors we too have to be skillful in handling the word. I am grateful to be a student in the BCA because while I am convinced that God has called me to counsel others the training that I’m receiving is building my understanding of how to be proficient in the Word and the processes which are vital to the counseling ministry.I have truly benefitted from these podcasts and the lectures that are continuing to help me mature and grow more confidence in using the scriptures to make disciples.

  • Serena Chavez says:

    Thank you Pastor Jeff for this podcast. It is something we do need to sit and think about, “are we competent to counsel?”
    In our flesh, absolutely not, by our will, no chance. But God, yes but with God and by God we are. When we allow the spirit to guide us and Indwell within. I like how Pastor Jeff said that “Biblical counseling is targeted ministry “ because we are touching a soul to their individual need for healing, it is us whom are Instruments in the redeemer’s hands. ( by the way, this book is so amazing!)
    We can be gifted but we will need to continue to grow and mature in Christ for our walk with The Lord and to be able to be competent to counsel.

    • Velma Knapp says:

      Serena, I appreciate that you mentioned the “Biblical Counseling is targeted ministry”. And you are absolutely right about the book “Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands”. Thank you for sharing.

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