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Special Episode: Addictions with Mark Shaw


What You'll Discover in this Episode:

Special Episode: Addictions with Dr. Mark Shaw

The Biblical Counseling Podcast is honored to have this special podcast edition with Dr. Mark Shaw of The Addictions Connection (TAC).

Mark is an ordained minister and Founder of The Addiction Connection. As an author, speaker, teacher of the Word, and certified alcohol and drug addiction counselor, Mark has been involved in helping people who struggle with addictions since 1991. He serves as the Director of Counseling at Grace Fellowship Church in Florence, KY.

The IABC 2022 Conference

Mark will be this year’s keynote speaker in the coming IABC 2022 Conference. He will be discussing, “Understanding Temptation”, the motivations of our hearts, and how God transforms us by the power of his Word and the Holy Spirit.

In alignment with this year’s theme, “Counseling Life’s Most Difficult Issues”, Mark mentions how the Word of God equips us to speak into people’s lives and change their hearts. In his keynote, he will unpack 1 John 2:15-17. We encourage you to hear this workshop in full and experience transformation by looking inwardly and use this to help people gain insights into their own hearts and become more like Jesus Christ.

About The Addictions Connections (TAC)

The need for the church to do ministry and to step into this dark place instigated the establishment of TAC. They are a network of biblical counseling churches designed to equip the local church in handling addiction cases, situations with families, and practically and meaningfully administer the Word of God.

TAC is committed to the sufficiency of the Word of God. They believe that God’s Word speaks from the heart and can transform desires.

Become a Commissioned Additions Biblical Counselor (CABC)

Mark and his team are building an army of biblical counselors to do the tough work in the trenches of addiction counseling. TAC is commissioning those who are called by God to biblically counsel people struggling with addiction.

Learn more about CABC Training here.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about Dr. Mark Shaw and The Addictions Connection.


  • Velma Knapp says:

    This was an encouraging podcast. Most young people that I have known that were using drugs, did not end well. They have no hope. People can have help and hope, when they turn to Jesus. They need to know that they can change, get help, and live more Christ-like.
    There is power in the Word of God. I also like the way Dr. Shaw said that you can tell that people are have a relapse when they are ungrateful. Very interesting. But not surprising.

  • Ann-Louise Graham says:

    It really struck me with new clarity how the Word of God really IS sufficient to change a person’s heart.
    Why? Because it can change the desires of their heart! And of course that then changes everything.
    Very helpful indeed to have this framed from the perspective of 1 Jn 2 15-17. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.
    Because these are the temptations that I face and those that I counsel face.
    And also incredibly helpful to have the reminder elsewhere by dr mark that Jesus has overcome ALL temptations (heb 4.15) that the Holy Spirit empowers Christians to do the will of God. (Phil 2.12-13).
    So when we apply the word of God to these temptations with the understanding of the empowerment of the Holy Spirit it’s incredibly powerful.

    • Velma Knapp says:

      I agree. The Holy Spirit does empower Christians to do the work of God. It’s so excited to know that God has a plan for all of us. And that he gave us the Holy Spirit to help us.

  • Timothy Graham says:

    I absolutely love the truth that Pastor Mark mentioned; Transforming desires. Galatians 2:20 “… It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me…” As we receive justification our desire is transformed to seek and pursue Christlikeness. It is truly sad how many people get caught up in the lie and temporary satisfaction that substances provide. But, to have ministries like this that focus on the Word rather than making Psychological excuses it encouraging.

  • Tammy Reinhart says:

    I enjoyed hearing Mark teach at the conference and enjoyed listening to his testimony here. My biggest take away was how important it is to be thankful and how that can be an indication that something is off if we start being unthankful and complaining.

  • Angela Shaffer says:

    It is wonderful to hear how the Lord can use someone that struggles so greatly with sin—how He brings hope in a dark situation and not only breaks the person’s addiction, but can also use that person in such a mighty way to bring hope to others and a fulfilling life in Jesus Christ. We have all been that sinner that needs a mighty intervention by the Lord. We need to love these people, and share God’s truth which is the one true hope.

    • Ann-Louise Graham says:

      Totally agree. We’ve all been that sinner in one way or another. And amen God’s truth is the one thing that will set people free.

  • Ilene Hayes says:

    I keep thinking about the red flag that Mark Shaw mentioned; the lack of thankfulness. It is a great reminder (and conviction) for me personally, as I consider the words of the Apostle Paul in 1 Thes. 5:18, “In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus.” To effectively counsel others, I need to be mindful of my own heart first.

    • Angela Shaffer says:

      I agree. I can tell that when I choose to become ungrateful, it is a sign that my walk with the Lord is not where it should be.

    • Timothy Graham says:

      This was an amazing point. Thankfulness is such a practical indicator. As we know, thankfulness is a fruit of the Spirit and as such, shows in part the state of a persons spiritual health; Both looking outwardly to counselees, and inwardly to analyze ourselves.

  • Serena Chavez says:

    What a special and much needed Ministry. As I know that with any thing holding us in bondage and away from Christ is a tactic from the enemy, I have such a yearning to help those whom are deeply affected by parents, or siblings or children whom are affected by these addictions, as I came from an alcoholic parent. The chains that are just so tightly bound to the person and the hardness it forms around them and the people around them. I am thankful that there are ministries such as what Dr. Mark Shaw has created through and with God. HE Redeems and sets free!

    • Ann-Louise Graham says:

      Yes and how sad that we think that those forms of bondage will somehow satisfy our needs. Which of course they never do. You are right Christ alone sets us free.

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