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170: Judge Not, That Ye Be Not Judged

When should we judge and not judge? Is our judgment rash or righteous?

Pastor Jeff Christianson brings to light Matthew 7:1-5. He also expressed his thoughts about how we should learn to judge God's way. Listen to the full episode and learn more about distinguising between rash, sinful judgments and righteous, godly judgments. 

In this episode, Pastor Jeff Christianson provides a review on the booklet by Lou Priolo, "Judgments: Rash or Righteous (Resources for Biblical Living)."


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  • One more point that Pastor Jeff alluded to which is passing either negative or positive judgement based on social media. The point was so true. We can judge success based on what views, likes and shares are attached to videos or size of the crowds, but do we consider or judge success by Gods Word? We can make some popular names our standard for measuring success or fruitfulness while condemning ourselves because we do not appear comparable but if we consider that Jesus said many in that day will say did I not prophesy in thy name and cast out devils and Jesus will say I never knew you. We have to truly judge righteous judgement and leave the judgement to God who knows a man ‘s heart. Keeping the truth that God sees the heart will also keep us pure in our motives and honest before God. Scripture must remain our standard for judgement and not another source.

  • There is so much to say after listening to this podcast and especially after the BCA zoom meeting last Thursday on this topic. For me it was a time for self introspection and repentance for being guilty of rash judgements. Judging by appearance is so dangerous and we convince ourselves that we are right and true and forget that only God truly knows the heart of a man. We can’t even judge based on past experiences we may have had with someone and let that be the basis for judging another. I am not able to know hearts and thoughts so I’m better handing all matters of judgement over to God. He knows what is truth. As Pastor Jeff pointed out much of our judgements are made based on our standards, our preferences, our self. We become the measuring stick and not the Word of God. This is such a needed teaching for the body of Christ that I am definitely going to get that book by Dr. Priolo so that I can share with my church family. If we practice righteous judgement I can see how this will positively impact relationships of all types.

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