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                  176: The Holy Spirit’s Guidance

We are continuing our series on the topic of the Holy Spirit. In today's episode we will discover a Biblical Theology of the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 


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175: The Indwelling Of The Spirit

175: The Indwelling Of The Spirit
  • Amen Jeff! So many times I have tried make changes in my life under my own power. Putting in much effort, just to have the change be temporary. Once I gave my life fully to Christ and being filled with the power of The Holy Spirit, these changes were freely given permanently. Thank God for the gift of The Holy Spirit!

  • I think what you said about the flesh loving step programmes is true and this is a very real challenge. Because there’s a balance between our bringing a bit of human structure to sessions with those counseled but constantly acknowledged that change is a work of the Holy Spirit because it is a heart matter. The temptation to rely on flesh is equally there for the counselor and counselled.
    I really agree that without the Holy Spirit we wouldn’t even know who or what we are in Christ. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is crucial for revealing heart issues because we are so unaware.
    Yep behaviour modification works but it’s all about externals.

  • Wow what a powerful truth
    It’s not about steps or principles to doing the right thing but Spirit causing us to do what is right.

    “Permanent Change can’t happened from modification behavior.”

    So important for us to remember as counselors that in the same way those who are getting counseled need the Indwelling Holy Spirit so to we need to rely upon the Indwelling of Holy Spirit to counsel them. Because JESUS is the actual counselor we are just directing people to Him. And there is no other way for people to be directed to Jesus than by the Holy Spirit.

    • Hi Landon. I had the same thought. As Biblical counsellors we also have to resist the temptation to rely on our flesh when counselling.

      • Exactly its crazy how much of a temptation it is to rely on flesh and then you feel insufficient. But what a key to remember daily that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit .
        God bless you Ann-Louise

  • When we were reconciled to God through that very same love that caused Christ to die, this is the same love that sends the Holy Spirit to live in us and guide us daily.
    1 Corinthians 2:13 says, These things we also speak, not in words which man’s wisdom teaches but which the Holy Spirit teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual.

    The Holy Spirit then guides us as we walk in the Spirit to wisdom as we learn to hear and study this truth in God’s word. The Spirit guides and corrects, changing us from within, doing so with love and grace in unity with the body of Christ. I’ve seen a difference in how I learn and approach areas in my life as I am continually growing in Christ by listening to the Holy Spirit’s prompting.

    I am enjoying these podcasts.

  • I appreciated the repetition of the truth (Romans 8:9) of being indwelt by the Holy Spirit and what that means to us. It is a truth we all need to soak in throughout the day. It is one the Lord has been reminding me of daily. When I feel overwhelmed by life, wearied by events, concerned over situations, anxious about choices, frustrated by ongoing challenges, or anything else which is not a fruit of His Spirit I hear the Lord reminding me He never called me to have the answers. He calls me to be still and KNOW that He is God (Psalm 46).

    He sent His Spirit to dwell in me and there is no other counselor or counsel that comes close to Him. He provides for us everything we need to live a Godly life.

    I Corinthians 2:9-10 “However, as it is written: ‘No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him’ – but God has revealed it to us by his Spirit.”

    • Wow, so accurate isn’t it amazing how when we feel overwhelmed, we can feel his reminder of who we are in Christ? Knowing he has everything under control. When I reflect on my own life, I see why and how the Spirit has guided me through many areas of life. The more we are in tune with God’s word of truth, the more he reveals through his Spirit.

  • With such indwelling power in the life of the believer it breaks my heart to talk with people who won’t acknowledge the active work of God through the Holy Spirit and keep coming back to solely wanting a roadmap and timeline for change. God’s word definitely lights the path before us, but I agree to approach working with people assuming we have all the answers and a schedule of how things should progress assumes an understanding of the heart that i believe only God can have access to. Any thoughts on ways to encourage people to trust God with the scary reality of Him asking us to trust Him just one step at a time in His time?

    • Nathan, I agree with you about the challenge of counseling people who want the rules to be the answer and they don’t understand it is the relationship. In the past I have known the destruction which happens when my heart wanted to obey the Lord and I purposed to, but without inviting and following the Holy Spirit. It only works for so long and then not only do we fail, but our enemy takes full advantage of the moment and accuses. It can be a vicious cycle until we confess, repent, surrender and obey. Zechariah 4:1 “…It is not by might nor power, but by my Spirit,”

    • Hi Nathan great question. Personally I believe we only really begin to trust God when we come to the end of ourselves and that generally comes in the form of a situation or relationship that we have no power to change. Until then we – or myself at least – fight to stay “in control ” . The funny thing is when I surrender I’ve watched the Lord work. And do things that only he can do . So I think one way is to constantly remind ourselves of his faithfulness in the past. Because He remains the same. But for many trust is a process.

  • This was a full meal on the workings of the Holy Spirit. We do tend to forget that we have an in-exhaustible resource in the Lord! When we do start the day overwhelmed, that’s looking at it from our own LIMITED resource, mainly physical which is restrained by time, energy, and motivation. That right there can present our testimony of how limited or how joyless it is to serve the Lord in all we do. Pastor Jeff called it being a spiritual pauper.

    Touching on the point of things given freely to us by the Lord such as grace, the paid debt we owed by Christ, our very breath as we talked about before. I don’t know that we stop and think about God’s provision of our jobs, homes, children, friends, forgiveness…all are opportunities for the light of Christ to shine in the dark world. The Holy Spirit lives within us. That is God with us. Jesus said He is leaving but He is sending another. That is the Holy Spirit. We are a temple for the Holy Spirit. Good word!

    • amen Anita we were just studying Romans 3:24 “being justified freely by His grace though the redemption that is in Christ Jesus” The Spirit definitely glorifies Jesus

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