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195: The Abuse Of Spiritual Gifts — Tongues (Part 2)


The Abuse Of Spiritual Gifts — Tongues (Part 2)

This Episode Concludes Our Series on the Holy Spirit.

Episodes 174 through 195 will be optimized - with updated quality and blog content - for you to continue Growing in the Grace and Knowledge of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

John 16:14; Zechariah 4:6

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  • Randy Sexton says:

    As of today I have listened to all the Holy Spirit series of podcasts. Thank you, Pastor Jeff, for a comprehensive and balanced study of the Holy Spirit’s work and how it relates to Biblical counseling – very encouraging! There is so much erroneous teaching out there. Having experienced the charismatic movement first-hand in the late 60s and early 70s, this teaching would have benefitted me greatly.

  • Mike Reynolds says:

    Very thankful for this series on the Holy Spirit! It has been very fruitful for me and others around me. Thank you Jeff for teaching this series!
    The gift of tongues is very misunderstood, I haven’t encountered it ever so I can only stand on God’s word regarding it. It was helpful to here this podcast on it.

  • I will only comment that the speaking of tongues, the biblical gift is exactly that, a gift, now, let us meditate, who is the giver of that particular gift, and God will give it to whoever He wants to give it to.
    Now let us meditate a little, what is the content of that gift? let us speak about a Christian who has received the gift of speaking evangelicals tongues, let us also meditate about the content of that very speaking, Paul says that such content is sounds that are not speakable by common people. Paul also says that such speaking is a communication between God Himself and that particular believer, and also says that such action of speaking serves as edification for the believer. Maybe, and only maybe, that might be the reason why Paul used to say do not forbid to speak with tongues.
    I understand and I accept that we have to keep things in order and respect in the church, I have read this topic many times in the bible. I also understand that tongues will cease, when they will cease? we know when by reading the whole context of this topic, it is right there, I have read it so many times.
    Because it has to do with the Holy Spirit I usually suggest, in the name of the Lord Jesus to speak very wisely about this gift.
    Let us speak with understanding of God, and let us choose our words, God will not justify anybody who blasphemes against His Holy Spirit.
    God bless Israel and the church.

  • Kristen Greer says:

    This was an excellent study of the Holy Spirit as we walked through areas of scripture to gain a deeper understanding. The Holy Spirit glorifies Christ in and through our gifts. We recognize that we are to be a part of the working body of Christ by utilizing these gifts. Scripture is our main focus as we exercise and grow in our gifted areas, loving as Christ first loved us and ministering to the world around us.
    Thank you

  • Laura Dahne says:

    Pastor Jeff, thank you for your passion and your continually looking to the Scriptures to teach your students. The holy scriptures are our plumbline and I appreciate your faithfulness to let the scriptures say what the scriptures say! Legalism is a hindrance to the church and keeps turning men back to themselves and their ability to be their own savior. We already have a savior who has fulfilled the wrath of God – I am fully satisfied the Father – on our behalf! Jesus Christ our one and true savior! This was an excellent and needed series. Can’t wait to hear what the new series is about.

  • Kayla Morgan says:

    Just reading through 1 Corinthians, briefly following the thought process from Chapter 12 through 13 through 14 – the message is really the building up and the unity of the Church. I found it interesting that Paul starts chapter 14 with these words ” Follow the Way of Love” putting to point out that love is not self seeking, and gifts will cease, but Love will endure. And then the encouragement to seek after prophecy for the edification of the Body. I guess the question to ask then is how do we seek the good of the body? What is good for believers? I might answer in part Philippians 4, to rejoice always, walking in the fruit of the Spirit in gentleness, thankfulness and prayers to God, reminding all of the believers of the greatness of God and His salvation for all of us to be in unity with God through His Spirit. And in part Colossians 3:12-25, knowing who we are in Christ, striving for unity with others, teaching and singing songs, and being submissive in reverence to Christ.

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