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205: Is God’s Word Sufficient?

205: Is God's Word Sufficient?

n this episode, Pastor Jeff talks about how psychology is infiltrating the church.
Instead of the church impacting the world around us, the world is infecting the body of Christ. 

So often unbiblical, worldly messages are being brought into the church. The truths of Scripture are the message of the church and must not be mixed with humanistic philosophies. 

God’s Word is powerful. The people of God need to hold fast to the Word of God and the Gospel, which is the power of God for salvation and a changed life.  Let us not embrace what is popular, but come back to the Word of God. 

Jeff often talks about the difference between psychology and the Bible. But just to clarify, when he mentions psychology, he isn't referring to the entire field of psychology. He is mainly pushing back about the part of psychology that deals with human nature, how to live life, and how to make changes. This includes things like psychological counseling, clinical counseling, psychotherapy, and the psychological aspects of psychiatry.

These theories have also influenced some parts of educational psychology, especially behaviorism and humanism. But the problem is that these theories focus on nonphysical aspects of a person, which can conflict with biblical teachings about things like sin, salvation, and our relationship with God. So, it's important to be aware of these differences when considering how to approach personal growth and change biblically. His point? God's Word is sufficient!

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  • Joe Banes says:

    This has always been a topic that has bothered me. I see so often the church reaching out to something other than Scripture to find answers, or adding to it with worldly philosophies. I’ve been in groups where people tried to teach us to think in certain ways based on some brain science or something from a worldly source in order to understand God better. Now, I’m not anti-science, but it always caused me to sit back and wonder, if this is an attempt to grow closer to God, then why is this other method, and not the Word, the focus? If it’s the Holy Spirit that leads us into all truth, then why the need to add these other human inspired methods? It bothered me and I simply didn’t participate or left those groups. Of course I have struggled at times, like others, to put my total faith in God. There is a vulnerability there to just trust in faith, to sometimes wait for God to come and do what He said, as opposed to me trying to figure out how to make what I want happen. That to me is the key. In those moments I am trying to make what I want happen, not what God wants to happen. I think to often people want a god in their image, they don’t want to conform. To conform we have to go to the Word, we are called to be like Him. Only the Word is sufficient to guide us there. Many of the issues we face or our counselees might face really come down to the human condition of sin. Our desire for ourselves, instead of God and the only way to change that desire is through the Light of Scripture. Also, as a person seeking to be a Biblical counselor, there is a lot of stress taken off of me to try and “figure out” a problem if my focus is the Bible. I’m not trying to come up with some steps that work this week but fail in the light of next week’s problems. I’m leaning on the Word as I guide the disciple to do also. Together we find God’s answers which are always eternal. To me that is the beauty of the Word, it’s eternal nature. That’s why it’s all sufficient.

  • Mike Reynolds says:

    Scripture is sufficient! It is a very provocative stance, opening up fierce spiritual warfare amongst strangers and loved ones alike. Standing firm with scripture and it’s sufficiency through all that this life can throw at us and for the eternal life to come solidifies one’s stance on God. Those who say they are believers but don’t believe that Gods word is enough, have a foot in each door and are at the state of being lukewarm. Which makes it all the more important to share and remain steadfast in His Holy and flawless word. Thank God for His Holy Word!

  • Erin Foster says:

    The sufficiency of Scripture is such a hope-giving doctrine! I absolutely agree that so many misunderstand or underestimate this concept, agreeing to it without actually submitting to its truth. In my personal experience, many or most Christians agree that Scripture is sufficient in theory, but hesitate when it comes to practical real-life application. Pastor Jeff’s final question gets straight to the heart of the issue. Although I have peace in my decision on this matter, it is becoming increasingly common that I must defend it as a practicing Biblical counselor myself. May God be glorified and magnified as more and more people grow in their understanding of the total Sufficiency of the Word of God for all matter of life and godliness!

    • Mike Reynolds says:

      Hi Erin,
      I agree that the sufficiency of Gods Word is commonly misunderstood and underestimated. To fully submit to its truth takes a intimate relationship with The Maker. Also agree that we as biblical counselors are called to defend this stance.

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