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223: Spiritual Reminders For The New Year

223: Spiritual Reminders For The New Year

30 Spiritual Reminders for the New Year (Part I)

In this episode, Pastor Jeff provides insights on the points initially presented by Dr. Charles Stanley:

1. Our intimacy with God – His highest priority for our lives – determines the impact of our lives. 2. Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him. 3. God’s Word is an immovable anchor in times of storm. 4. The awareness of God’s presence energizes us for our work. 5. God does not require us to understand His will. Just obey it, even if it seems unreasonable. 6. You reap what you sow, more than you sow, and later than you sow. 7. The dark moments of our life will last only so long as is necessary for God to accomplish His purpose in us. 8. Fight all your battles on your knees, and you win every time. 9. Trusting God means looking beyond what we can see to what God sees. 10. If necessary, God will move heaven and earth to show us His will. 

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Pastor Jeff Christianson

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  • Jill Lawson says:

    In 2 Chronicles Jehoshaphat made a mistake, but God saw the good, that he set his heart to seek the Lord. These 10 steps encourage me to be intentional about seeking the Lord. Thank you Pastor Jeff!

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