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Only God Can Heal a Worried Heart

One of the leading causes of hospitalization and doctors visits today is worry. People in our culture worry about many things: their appearance, speaking in public, IRS. Sadly, this secular perspective seeps into churches. We see worry overwhelming many Christians and counselees in our churches. What do biblical counselors need to know in order to help their counselees overcome worry? 

In this episode of the Biblical Counseling Podcast, pastor Jeff Christianson begins a new miniseries presenting how a biblical worldview addresses fear, anxiety, and a troubled heart. As the world runs to medicine and psychotherapy to address anxiety and worry, Christians know that Scripture provides us with the tools we need to confront worry in our hearts and to submit our concerns to God. Pastor Jeff addresses these episodes specifically to biblical counselors and those training for ministry. Counselors and pastors must be equipped to confront worry in themselves and counselees since God holds their lives and teaching to a high standard. 

Polls reveal a truth which we know from Scripture, that people mainly worry about self-preservation. The season of COVID-19 revealed the depths of many people’s fears and concerns. The constant threat of potential COVID-19 transmission haunted normal activities. Government mandated social distancing burdened many Christians. As the threat of COVID-19 lifts, worry and anxiety still targets our hearts. Sadly, statistics show that many people worry about threats or concerns which never materialize. People overlook the long-term health effects of worrying over threats and concerns which never happen. 

Pastor Jeff shares relevant biblical passages for confronting worry. Drawing from Matthew 6:25-33, he differentiates between sinful anxiety and wise concern. When Jesus tells us that we should not be worried about food or clothing, we should not interpret this saying to insinuate that Christians should ignore meeting their basic needs. Since our heavenly Father knows our needs and our eternal inheritance is secure in heaven, sinful worry reveals the presence of unbelief in our hearts.  

Pastor Jeff will continue this conversation on next week’s episode of the Biblical Counseling Podcast. If you find yourself struggling with worry, begin taking positive steps toward peace by ensuring that your body is receiving sufficient sleep, nutrition, and exercise. This week, care for your soul by being in the Word and prayer. 

Want to learn more from Pastor Jeff? Listen to this podcast to hear Pastor Jeff address:


  • Baker, Amy. Social Anxiety: Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin 
    “I’m just shy.” You’ve worn the label for so long that it has become your identity. A counselor recently described it as social anxiety, but the new label does nothing to ease the pain. You wish you could feel “comfortable in your own skin,” but instead, in social situations, you feel anxious and out of place. Where can you go for help? In Social Anxiety, Amy Baker explains that confidence in God, not self-confidence, is the answer to the problem of social anxiety. Trusting in God breaks the paralyzing grip of fear, freeing formerly “shy” people to enter fully into relationship with God and others.
  • Powlison, David. Overcoming Anxiety: Relief for Worried People
    You know the feeling—your mind keeps spinning around and around with the same worries, problems, and fears. You feel like you can’t breathe. Some days your anxiety is so overwhelming that it’s hard for you to believe that anyone, even God, could help you. David Powlison helps you discover what your anxiety reveals about what is going on inside of you, and then shows you how to bring your anxious thoughts and worries to God, the only Person who can give you a life of peace.
  • Welch, Ed. A Small Book for the Anxious Heart: Meditations on Fear, Worry, and Trust
    A Small Book for the Anxious Heart is a small but powerful devotional to remind men and women of the encouraging, beautiful words in Scripture to anxious people. While many books on fear and anxiety exist—promising to help men and women manage their struggles with methods and formulas—this devotional reaches deeper into Scripture, making the Word of God more accessible. Don’t put a Band-Aid on your fear and anxiety; rather, learn to bring your fear to Jesus, relying on his Word.
  • De Courcy, Philip. Help! I’m Anxious
    An increasing number of us are worrying ourselves sick—about the past, present, or the unknown future. Philip De Courcy distinguishes right concern from unhealthy anxiety, and using Jesus’ words in the Sermon on the Mount shows us how we can have victory over anxiety by entrusting ourselves fully into the caring hands of our heavenly Father.
  • Lowe, Julie. Helping Your Anxious Child: What to Do When Worries Get Big
  • Kellemen, Bob. Anxiety: Anatomy and Cure
    Anxiety, worry, and fear get the best of all of us sometimes. Since we live in a fallen world, we may not have full victory over anxiety until heaven. However, Bob Kellemen shows us how we can have victory in our anxiety—we can learn how to experience the peace of God from the God of peace even in the mist of stress and distress. In this practical, realistic, biblical study, he lays out a compassionate biblical understanding of anxiety. Along the way, he helps us to apply the gospel to our daily lives and reclaim anxiety for what it should be—vigilance to motivate us to do God’s work in Christ’s resurrection power.

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  • Thank you for this very timely podcast! I can see the fear and panic stirring in people’s hearts as they try and face this in their own understanding. I think it is interesting to see what people really do worry about and how closely we hold things in our illusion of control. Due to COVID-19 and the restrictions on travel and gatherings, my family missed my brother’s our of state wedding. I remember talking to him and his fiancé just a couple of weeks ago and he was so stressed about paying for everything and making sure everything went right with our travel plans and their expectations of decorations and music and ceremony, and we ended up watching them say their vows in front of just a few people over Facebook life. It definitely made me reconsider my expectations about any upcoming events and what I considered important and worrisome. And all the events that have happened since then, including isolation and quarantine mandates and seeing people fight over toilet paper have affirmed how important it is to know what your hope is in. We have a tremendous opportunity to share our hope of the Gospel with others and know who is ultimately in control. And thank God that I get to give up my anxieties to Him. I know that He is good, and I pray that He is using this to bring people to trust in Him and know His peace.

  • At its best, anxiety distracts us from our relationship with God and the truth that He is “Lord of heaven and earth” (Matthew 11:25). At its worst, anxiety is a crippling disease, taking over our minds and plunging our thoughts into darkness. But God wants so much more for us than to walk through life full of fear, worry and anxiety. “Do not be anxious about anything,” the Bible tells us, “but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
    Our instructions don’t stop there. The chapter goes on to tell believers exactly what we should focus on. And it’s not fear, terrorism, illness, death or evil. “Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. 9 Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from me—everything you heard from me and saw me doing. Then the God of peace will be with you.”

    • Those verses and a few others have been my go to scripture when I look for truth when i start worrying and fearing so much it brings up my anxiety. You are so right when you say anxiety is a crippling disease, it does take over our minds and can take us to a very dark place where we can battle with what is true from God, and what the devil is telling us is true, it then becomes a battle field of the mind. The more that we stop trying to lean on our own understanding and get in the Word and trust God, and believe everything he says to be true we will find the peace of God we need to get passed our worry and fear that is causing anxiety.

      • The same for me as well. yes, it really is, I have experienced that a number of times. this is great advice and need to be taken literal and very serious. I agree and I also believe that as well.

  • Matthew 6:25-33 is a passage of scripture the Lord has used to fill me with peace many times. Anxiety is something I have struggled with over the years. Though as fallen humans, we quickly forget simple truths such as these, I am grateful that the Lord is faithful to constantly bring me back to this particular scripture. Praise the Lord He has placed me in a position where I am filled with His peace and reminded that He’s got the whole world in His hands. The part that always comforts me is “For your Heavenly Father knows that you need all these things” The simple reminder that the things I care about are also cared about by my Heavenly Father always puts me at ease.

  • Thank you Pastor Jeff for this weeks pod cast on worry, fear and anxiety. I agree when you remind us a lot of people have different sources to help with worry and anxiety but the only sufficient one is the Bible that should be our go to for guidance with worry. I like how you state everyone worries about something and the most everyone worries is with self, their appearance. Thanks for sharing the go to verses in Matthew 6. Those verses have been some of the verses I go to when I start worrying so much it causes me so much anxiety I can’t sleep, some days I have to read those verses to help me to see I shouldn’t let worry consume to the point I have anxiety. I like where you state it is ok to worry just not to let it consume you. I also agree when you say most the things we worry about will actually never happen, it’s because we let our imagination get the best of us. John 14:27 is another verse I go to when I get anxious from worrying, Phillippians 4: 6- 7. Is also one of my go to verses.

  • I think helping people to press in seeking God’s will is so critical at this moment. We have the opportunity to encourage those we have contact with to walk in peace as well as obedience. There is such a difference between the person who is prepared in peace and those who are prepared in panic. It is heart breaking to me to talk with people who are feeling guilty at this moment in life as they seek to obey what God is leading them to do. Ultimately taking a step back and looking at life from a heavenly perspective makes such a difference, as people seek to not worry. Like so many other feelings, it is our obedience to direct our thoughts that will ultimately change our feelings.

  • It is very interesting that the thing that produces the greatest anxiety in us as a society is our appearance. I did not know that, yet it doesn’t surprise me to hear this. We are judged many times on the way we look, so when we place such a high priority on how people perceive us then anxiety is in inevitable. I admit that I have struggled with this in the past, and sometimes still do. It hurts when people don’t like us.

    Jesus told us that we will be hated on account of Him, we will be persecuted, and there are people who will simply just not like us nor the message of the gospel. He says we will have tribulation this world, but be of good cheer. Why is that? Because He has overcome the world! Remember when Peter let Jesus know how many things they had left in order to follow Him? Jesus replied that they would be given so much more than what they could ever give up for Him.

    I think right now what I am learning, and still struggling to do effectively, is to care only about what Jesus cares about and what He thinks of me. If I am pleasing to Him, then likely I am loving others as He would love them.

    This passage in Matthew 26 is so important for me to internalize. I need not worry about the things that are happening right now around me, like the stock market crashing, and what that will potentially mean for my income or ability to feed my family. The Lord knows all these things and is above all these things. I had a tremendous time yesterday afternoon and in the Word when I shut down the news and spent time in prayer and reading the Scriptures. What peace He provides, and what confidence He gives!

  • Thank you, Pastor Jeff, for guiding us as we prepare to become Biblical Counselors for these words that we need to hear so we can be equipped to serve others. I am thankful that the Lord gives us words that we can cling to as we all go through seasons where we worry and He reminds is that we need to turn our focus from what “might” happen to someone who will be there for us. I am not surprised to hear that the top three things people are worried about are their appearance, being audited and public speaking. Although my top three are not those, I can see how my worries of today are probably not going to happen and I am not focusing on the Lord. When I become overwhelmed or anxious, I realize that the time I am spending with the Lord needs to be increased. Reading my scriptures and praying is the best “antidepressant”!

  • Thanks Jeff,
    That is crazy that people are worried about their appearance in this time of health crisis. I am personally worried about elderly family members but in prayer I leave them with Jesus, I know the truth about life I am not in control but I know the one who is: Jesus is.
    As I let go of the need for control, I put my trust in Christ like you said about worry “Most of what you worry about never actually happens.” But if it happens I trust Christ anyway, he is my life.

    I do believe in the biblical worldview on worry that true believers should not be obsessing over worries or anxious but like you said “It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned but we should not be wringing our hands in total anxiety. “Worry is like a rocking chair moving but going nowhere.”

    The results of this health crisis for me at the moment is a time of reflection, a time of gratitude and thanks to God for this life in Christ, for beloved family and friends, church, ministry.

    And now a call to action to reach out to others. I’ve have busy the last few days messaging and texting, phoning people to see how they are and sharing verses, words of encouragement on social media. I am thankful for every opportunity and just a remembrance of beloved Christians who have passed on to heaven, a looking forward to seeing them again in eternity.

    So we cannot be caught up like the rest of the world with the worry, we must put it off and put on Christ:”Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life.”

  • Thank you Pastor Jeff for today’s podcast. These passages are so powerful and helpful. I like that you said that it is okay to worry, but not to be in the game of the “what if”. We can make ourselves crazy by using the “what if” phrase. What is the purpose of it anyway? We are just assuming things and is not helpful for our emotional and physical state. Pastor Jeff, you mentioned that about 75% of primary care physicians see people for stress related, complaints and disorder. This reminded me of my mom. She worries about everything, things that she doesn’t have control of it. Her worry brings her to a place of sadness and she gets physically sick that I have to bring her to the hospital or the doctor. My mom loves Jesus, but for some reason she constantly worry. We speak frequently and God gives me the opportunity to minister to her, but she stays worry most of the time. I just have to let the Lord minister to her heart Himself and pray for her. I believe that when the Lord says not to worry in Matthew 6:25, He is not suggesting not to worry, I believe is a command, so if we worry then we are sinning. We believers have to be careful not to be like the unbelievers as this passages says. I agreed that we believers should not worry and be fill with anxiety. We need to be different than the world. We need to show that we do believe in the God who is our Comforter and trustworthy. The Word of God is truth. If we believe God, then we believe what He says about Himself. He is not a God who can lie, and we need to show that we trust Him. When we get the opportunity to counsel people when they are worried about something, we need to do it with love and using scripture at all time knowing our audience. I pray that the Lord continue to equip me daily. Thank you Pastor Jeff for all you are teaching and I’m thankful for the students’s insights too.

    • Hi Ritter…I must confess that my mother is the same way…:). You stated that your mom worries to the point of being sad, and this reminded me of my mom so much. She loves her family very much and only wants each of them to surrender to the Lord, but it seems to me that she always has a tear in her heart for the lost. Don’t get me wrong…she does rejoice in the Lord, and lift her heart and hands in praise, but at times, she frets. Maybe that’s just a mom’s heart?
      The “what if” part of Pastor Jeff’s message ministered to me as well. I think we all should be concerned at times (especially now in light of what’s taking place in our world) but we should not fall into fear and foolishness…”Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what yo will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?
      Mathew 26: 25, 26.
      I think you are right when you say that… “He is not suggesting not to worry, I believe is a command, so if we worry then we are sinning.” Lord, help each of us not to fret or worry….please forgive us when we do….protect your people I pray, In Jesus name…Amen.

      • A “mom’s heart” for sure. When the Lord tells us not to worry, and we worry, I think that shows not trusting, and to me that is a concern. I tell my mom all the time that she needs to really understand that God is in control and that God loves her kids more that she does, so He will not stop pursuing them. Some many times, my mom get so sick because of her sadness, that now the Lord can’t use her. The enemy wants God’s people to get stock in their worries, so that they stop ministering. I pray for her, that God will give her peace. Thank you Jim.

    • That is so true playing the “what if” game will cause you to have worry, fear, anxiety, and can make you have panic attacks. I used to do that so bad I couldn’t even really concentrate. I started having anxiety and panic attacks, and physically got very sick. I ended up on some medication to help with all that. Thank God after a few years of working with a biblical counselor to search what was in my heart that was causing me to worry and fear, and doing some soul searching and relying on the Word of God to speak truth to me I am off all the medication I still have anxiety, and worry but I don’t let it consume me. I meditate on the Word and have learned how to get to the root of things when I get overwhelmed and let the Worry and fear control me.

      • Hi Margare, I’m so glad that you are good and are relying in the Word of God. God is so good, and He cares for His children. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  • I really loved this podcast about having a Biblical worldview about worry and anxiety, especially in light of the Covid-19 virus.
    It does not surprise me that the answer to the question that was asked, “What do you worry about the most?” was “appearance”. We live in a society that is obsessed with self. The stat of 75% of visits to a primary care doctor are due to stress-related disorders was alarming, but at the same time believable. People all around us talk about their anxiety issues. I appreciated Pastor Jeff’s admonition to filter the facts through the filter of love. It’s easy to get impatient with people who focus on their problems and let anxiety take over.
    In the Sermon on the Mount (Mt 6:25-33), Jesus tells us why we should not worry.
    True believers should not worry or be filled with anxiety. We can be concerned, but not anxious or full of worry. There is a difference between sinful worry and concern, trusting in the Lord and helping one another. Don’t be obsessed with the circumstances. Pastor Jeff’s reminder that we cannot be valuable as a leader if we are stressed and worried is so good. I love this quote, “Worry doesn’t empty today of its sorrow, it empties tomorrow of its strength”. Jesus warns about worry because it harms us. Worry is not a virtue. Jesus wants to use us to minister to today’s culture that is so full of worry and anxiety.

    • I agree Stacey. There is such a difference between sinful worry and concern. I think it is also important, especially at this moment that we encourage believers to keep seeking God’s direction for their lives. A lack of worry in a believer’s life does not mean a lack of action and preparation, peace and trust often means acting in obedience, trusting that God will guide each step.

  • Obviously, this is a timely podcast with the state of our nation. I am not generally a worrier, but there are certain things and points that are shared that at times can tempt me to get sucked in. I like how you said to not shame the people who worry. We all worry about something. I started answering what am I worried about most? And that stirs worry in me.

    I was definitely surprised by appearance being one of the highest things people worry about. The other stats were insightful as well, most of what we worry about doesn’t really happen and
    only 8% are of general matters of concern, the rest will never happen or we have no control over.

    So what do we do? It was well put, understand where the culture is. More importantly, understand truth, use wisdom, and share it in love.

  • Great podcast! It is so true, as biblical counselors, and men and women of God, I pray we each arm ourselves and be ready to be strong in this time in the lord so that we can be there for others. We are in a time of great opportunity. Our lord always stepped in, in a time of need and great trial and nothing was impossible for Him.

    “In weakness He is strong!”

    This may look like “daily casting our own cares upon the Lord,” so we can be freed up from anxiety and be ministers of grace. Worry really can quickly become a choke hold, so may the Lord empower us to set our eyes on Him.

  • True believers should not be worrying! And biblical counselors should certainly NOT be worrying, but rather, helping others turn from the sin of worry. A biblical worldview is critical on this topic for any edifying counsel to occur. As counselors, we must be able to heed Jesus’ words of “Stop worrying about your life!” This sin causes us to be ineffective in ministry, and, as the saying goes, it “empties tomorrow of its strength.” As biblical counselors, we need to sharp and able to minister to the weak. We cannot do this if we are burdened with worry. The enemy gives us much to be worried about, and tempts us at every turn. But we can turn to Jesus, the One who promises that we are more important than the sparrow. His promises are dependable, and we must stand on the firm foundation of His promises as we seek to minister to others struggling with worries. Walking in spiritual maturity will require this of us! Jesus tells us to cast our cares on Him. As we practice this, we can share our example with others and encourage them to do the same.

    • God keeps taking me back to the story of Noah this week. As Noah listened to God’s leading and prepared, he did not have to be worried for what would come. I keep praying that God shows us how to be listening to Him in such a specific way.

  • I appreciate this podcast and how clearly Pastor Jeff stated his specific audience. He was upfront and clear about speaking to his students, and leaders who counsel.

    The pains of anxiety and worry are common to all people. But how you address it to those worrying, and those who will counsel the worried is different. Pastor Jeff may have seemed too repetitive for some, stating his audience several times. But, for anyone who has begun to counsel you understand just how different these topics are as conversations and as counseling situations. Praise God for a leader who will tell us like it is and hold nothing back. This is the most honest way to prepare us.

    • I agree, I appreciate you clearly defining your audience a few times to be sure you are not being insensitive. We do need to address people who are spiritually more mature with more directness at times. When someone is overcome with fear, we may need to be more gentle in our words and approach.

  • Thank you Pastor Jeff… With all that is taking place right now in our world and in our communities, with all the worry and fear that has surfaced…this is a very timely teaching, and quite on point. In one of our recent family devotions we read Psalm 91…it is a very comforting and faith filled passage…it is sufficient… Mathew 6:25-33 will be next…:) :).
    I am currently in the class BC201: One on One Discipleship, and we are learning that biblical counselors always counsel towards discipleship. In this podcast we see and hear that…
    “True disciples should not worry. This does not mean that we should not be concerned, but that we should not be overwhelmed with worry.” I’m truly inspired in being a disciple of Jesus Christ and counseling others towards discipleship. It is so simple, and yet so profound… sitting, and encouraging others to sit at the feet of Jesus. Am I concerned with our current situation involving covid-19, most definitely… I have a daughter who is due to give birth in two weeks…her and her husband are considering finding a mid-wife so she can give birth at home. Am I worried, no…tempted, yes…the enemy would have us to worry and be fearful…but in Christ we have a peace that surpasses all understanding, we have a measure of faith, we have Psalm 91, we have Mathew 6: 25-33, and we have a clear, definite, and sufficient biblical worldview on worry and anxiety… looking forward to next week.

    • Hello James and thank you for your post. Your reference to peace in Christ was a blessing to me. He shall be called Prince of Peace! It is trust in Him and all that He has done for us that brings that Peace. He promises to provide – so we don’t have to concern ourselves with hoarding goods like toilet paper! The world doesn’t have this same peace, and so they anxiously do what they need to do to bring a semblance of peace. But we can joyously share, instead of hoarding, knowing that God has called us to be salt and light, a blessing to others, and share the love of God with them. Concern is biblical, and bringing those concerns to God in prayer is biblical. We can bring those concerns to God with others in prayer and be examples of trusting in Him, especially in crisis.

    • I love Psalm 91! The promises of God are so rich in that chapter. The “I wills” at the end are promises we can rest in when we are going through difficult times. I will be praying for your daughter and the safe arrival of her baby ~ we too are expecting a grandchild in the next few weeks.

    • Hi Jim, I agreed with you. This podcast is right on point with all that is going on right now. True disciples should not worry for sure, and Jesus makes it very clear in these passages. Of course, being concern is okay, but we just have to be careful what we do when we get concern. We need to keep our eyes on Jesus all the time. Jesus is teaching us His ways to follow, for us and for the people we counsel. It is a true honor to learn from Him and pass it on to others. I pray that the Lord will be with your family and that He will give them peace and guidance in all is happening. By the way, I just received a text from a sister in Christ suggesting for us to read Psalm 91 every day for a while, which I will do. Thanks again Jim.

    • Congratulations on becoming a grandpa in two weeks! It is understandable about your concerns but I appreciate you also sharing about us having peace beyond all understanding. Your words, example of having faith in Jesus and strength during this time is such a gift for your daughter. That example is an example we can all show others as we were given this example from Jesus and reminded to turn to Him through these times of uncertainty. I will be praying for your family in the upcoming weeks.

  • Great teaching on trusting God, because worry is merely a lack of trust in God. Ever since I was a kid I have heard politicians and their duped followers About the latest crisis that will kill us all, unless we elect them and give them lots of tax money in order to save the earth from destruction. God tells us in His Word how the earth and the universe will end. It will end by His hand and be recreated by His hand and we will have little to do with it. We as His children just need to learn to rely on Him. He will lead us thru the current crisis and will give the world another opportunity to see His glory in the process. He accomplishes things through tribulations that we would never think of. Our job is to stand fast and show the world that no matter what come our way we will trust Him. Like Job we trust even when we don’t have all the answers

    • I agree with you Harry that through the current crisis, we need to read God’s word. As we read the words, it can only provide comfort, guidance and encouragement that nothing else can in today’s world. I wish that my faith and trust was as perfect as Job’s but I appreciate that although it’s not, it can be used to encourage others. I am thankful that they Lord has share with us how things will happen so when we see these things begin, we can look up as our redemption draws near.

    • Thank you Harry for your comments…Straight forward and filled with faith…I needed to hear that…things are way out of hand in my community (and I’m sure everywhere). I have a friend who works for the prison system and he called me tonight and said I should start carrying a gun, and then he proceeded to tell me why I should strongly consider doing so (the different things that he was briefed on by the warden). A spirit of fear began to come over me and I had to disconnect. Disconnecting from the world (in a sense) and reconnecting/connecting with God is what discipleship is all about. I love the idea behind this podcast by Pastor Jeff… “THE BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW ON WORRY AND ANXIETY”…There is no doubt that as believers we need to fully develop and put into practice a biblical worldview…not only in the area of worry, but in every area of our lives…Press on my brother in Christ, and thank you so much for those encouraging words/thoughts…Be Blessed!

    • Harry, we absolutely need to continue to trust God, because He is trustworthy. When we worry, we are saying that we not trusting Him, and that is is sin, because He is not a lair, and He said in His Word we are to trusting. God is in control of all things, and like you said, we have very little to do with it. Relying on Him is what we as believers need to do at all time and with any situation. Thanks Harry!

  • Mathew chapter 6 verse 23-34 has helped me in so many ways throughout these past years.
    These verses have helped me see things in a biblical perspective. Worrying has done nothing positive except create anxiety, an ungodly fear, and since the enemy tries to steal our joy, he would also love to steal our peace. I loved how Pastor Jeff mentioned that people’s physical appearance is their main worry, and you can see where the culture stands. I used to live in a state of worry, to the point that it would create anxiety. Anxiety so bad that each and every night I would have to pray for sleep, because my mind would still be going and thinking about tomorrow and its worry’s. I believe that the enemy is running out of time, and he knows it, and he is trying to build that same fear into this world, especially the youth. But us as believers we know our mission, to be the light in this darkness, used as vessels to calm the winds, allowing God to move in and through us to see that there is Hope today. The word worry means to strangle or to choke, and that’s exactly what’s happing in our culture, and in the church. Let God be our refuge and our Peace, our heavenly father never lets us down. Amen

    • The enemy is running out of time, and for the believer he is running out of tricks. He is like an old toothless lion roaming about seeking who he can devour. Did you ever notice a young healthy lion never announces his presence by roaring. He very stealthily sneaks up on its prey and pounces on it unexpectedly. The enemy makes a lot of noise trying to scare believers with lies. We can recognize his voice and resist him and he will flee as he has no teeth or authority over us. Fear is what gives him power over us.

      • Great analogy Harry. You are right, the lion never announces his presence by roaring. It is often in the night when it is dark and quiet that he comes and speaks his lies. We must be equipped with the Word of God because when we resist him, he will flee.

      • Thank you for sharing this. This reminds me of the importance of remaining immersed in God’s Word. His truth is what fills us with peace. Being able to stand firm on the truth helps to prevent us from fear created by lies. His Spirit fills us with the faith we need to keep our eyes on Him in the midst of such turbulent times.

    • Those verses impacted me in powerful ways as well. When I was in high school I began to pray about ministry. I felt called to pastor. But, everyone I talked to about said that pastors were poor, pastors couldn’t tske care of themselves, or their families. I worried. I feared. Then, God brought me to that passage and changed my view and perspective. I began to expect that God would provide always to His children. How much more so if I was obedient to my calling. So, I stopped worrying and I have had money in the bank every since, am about to finish my 1st masters degree with no debt, and live comfortably with my wife and daughter. God keeps his Word!

      • Encouraging testimony, I’ve struggled myself financially but I have seen that God always provides according to his will. With the lack of finance it’s hard to take a step out but Christ just helped me. In my lack he gave the increase so the glory goes to Him alone. I am amazed at God’s provision.

    • Hello Johan,
      I appreciate your use of the definition of worry! We can easily strangle or choke ourselves through obsessive worry. We need to remember that Jesus is our Faithful Shepherd, who promises to never leave us or forsake us. He alone is the One who leads us beside still waters and makes us lie down in green pastures. These still waters and green pastures are to provoke the exact opposite of worry – trust and rest! If we are resting in Jesus, trusting completely in Him, then worry will not overtake us. We can then walk by faith well, without stumbling over the enemy’s landmines of worry.

    • Johan great insight, when you said “I believe that the enemy is running out of time, and he knows it, and he is trying to build that same fear into this world, especially the youth.” and “Let God be our refuge and our Peace, our heavenly father never lets us down.”

      I am reminded often that it is about where our eyes are at, or what we are focused on. May we fix our eyes on Jesus as Hebrews 12 says and the well known song. “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.”

    • Absolutely truth Johan. Worrying is a negative reaction that creates anxiety, and ungodly fear. When we worry, it shows that we are not trusting God. The enemy not only love that we are no pleasing God by worrying, he also love to steal our joy and peace. The enemy hates God, and God’s children, and he will do everything in his power to destroy God’s children. Worry is another way that the enemy uses for God’s people to be in distress and no able to be use by God. God calls us to minister to people and to be a light, and so we need to stay focus on Him. 🙂

    • It is so sad that people are so obsessed with their physical appearance especially the young. What will happen when they get old? I do pray a lot for the young people in Ireland and in our city I’m involved in a street ministry called street pastors we give help to those coming out of the nightclubs and pubs at night. Some are so drunk they are laying on the pavement or need medical care. We help them by getting them a cab home or phone an ambulance. The young people are in a mess they need Christ.

      • I agree one hundred percent. This generation is extremely tied up with social media which is completely visual. Hours of this generations lives are filled with new images of perfection that many of them feel obligated to compare themselves to. I pray for a revival in this generation and that the Lord transforms them all by the renewing of their minds.

    • Hi Johan…Mathew 6:23,24 are very good verses…”we cannot serve two masters…we cannot serve God and mammon”. Finances can be very stressful, and a most difficult area to put our complete trust in the Lord. Look at all the stock piling, and madness that is taking place, even as this is being typed. I can’t help but to think of our elderly and of those who don’t have the finances to purchase two weeks worth of groceries. The opposite of that are those who are completely trusting in their finances to see them through this time. Spending like crazy, almost to the point of hoarding…I’m sure we all are first hand witnesses to the pushing and shoving to get the last item on the shelf that is taking at this very moment…You stated that, “Worrying has done nothing positive except create anxiety, an ungodly fear,” and you are so right, the evidence is all around us…May we concentrate on and put into practice this biblical world view on worry that we have heard about in this recent podcast…God Bless!

  • This was a great podcast. You can tell just from Pastor Jeff’s tone that the topic at hand – worry and anxiety – was a topic he was well acquainted with. When thinking about what worries me the most, at one point I would have said speaking in front of people. Today, I might say my biggest worry is not giving everything to God.

    What stood out to me in Matthew 6:19-33 were the portions on the proper place for storing up treasures and acknowledging that God already knows our needs before we even ask.

    I thought it was so appropriate to talk about worry and anxiety because of the world’s circumstance. It serves as a catalyst to recalibrate where or to whom we should place our trust in.

    • Good point Josiah. Often when I think I have given everything over to God, He reveals something that I am still hanging on to. It is an on going process. It is hard for us to hld on to the wonderful gifts that God has for us when our hands are full of our own junk.

    • Yes! I heard it in Pastor Jeff’s voice too that there was real wisdom and experience behind what he shared. Not to mention the Word too.

      I think my biggest fear in my youth was being alone. Now, as the Lord has matured me over time and ministry… my biggest fear is that others feel alone. God gave me compassion for others so that I could be the “friend” they need, and point them to Jesus Christ, our true friend.

    • Great point Josiah! I have the same worry of public speaking. As you said giving everything to God is where the victory’s at! We often try to do things on the strength, when we can draw from the strongest, richest resources of our Lord.

      • You know what’s really funny? I think it’s super hilarious that after Bible College we would be classmates. And what I love about this particular degree I’m pursuing – biblical counseling – is that just like you said, we are only orienting people to where they can draw the strength from to obey God! His resources are rich and endless!

    • I would agree it was an appropriate topic for the times. When I think about what worries me most, I think similarly, failing in what God has called me to do or not giving into my selfish desires. When our eyes are fixed on Jesus, that shouldn’t happen. And also that is when we will be stirring up treasures in heaven. It was well put that when our treasures are in the right place, they can’t be affected by a failing economy.

    • Hi Josiah,

      Thank you for your post, good points. I think that determining where we put our treasure is of utmost important in our lives. I was thinking yesterday or the day before as I was watching the stock market crash, remembering 1987 when the crash occurred back then. I was filled with very little anxiety back in 1987, I was only 17 years old and had no treasure in the stock market at that time.Today? A little more anxiety because suddenly I have a bit of treasure in the stock market, not a lot, but enough to produce some anxiety. When I realized this, I was convicted and then reading this passage in Matthew was so comforting as It put my mind and hope back on track, on the Lord Jesus Christ.

      • Hey that is epic man! Now that right there is a great example of how different the Bible is from other works. It is so sharp as to cut right through how we feel and so perfectly reflective that it can show back to us the things we need to work on. What you said reminds me of Luke 9:23-24 (has been on my mind lately anyhow). In it, it says that if we lose our lives for the Lord, we will only save it! What really should dominate our minds are things above and not on the things of Earth.

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