57: Church Life


In this episode, we will consider the topic of Church Life in Counseling God’s Way

God’s four means of getting His counsel to us: 

His Word, 

the Holy Spirit, 


but all in the setting of church life. 

We’ll see that counseling God’s way is not designed to take place in some sterile or secular or even professionalized Christian clinic. 

  • It’s not designed to take place there. 
  • Not saying it can’t take place there. 
  • Anyone that seeks God anywhere and sticks to His ways, 
  • God will work. 
  • It may be less than ideal, but we’re not saying that God cannot work there. 
  • But even if God is working somewhat in a situation that’s less than ideal, we don’t say, “Hey, great!” 
  • No, we say, praise God for what He’s done, but let’s all call each other to His more perfect way.

And it doesn’t condemn everyone out there in the so-called “Mental Health” field or out there in the clinics that are trying to help people. 

  • It doesn’t condemn them because a lot of them really do want to help people. 
  • And a lot of them are very compassionate and lay down their lives for others in many ways. 
  • And if they pray at times, if they point to the Lord at times, if they share the Word at times, God’s going to honor that. 
  • God is not a Pharisee. “Oh nope, that’s not perfect. I won’t be working until that’s perfect.” 
  • That’s the way man gets. 
  • If God were like that none of us would have any ministry.

The bottom line is that if any of us are doing it less than the way God designed, let’s call each other back to the right way. 

  • That’s all. 
  • I’m not saying we all know how to do it perfectly. 
  • But if we notice in our own lives that we’re off the track, may we be reproved or may we be convicted and let God adjust us. 
  • If we see others that are off track, even though God is using them in part, we go praise God for what He’s doing. 
  • Let’s all come back to God’s way. 
  • Let’s learn together how to do God’s way better.

God ordained for it to take place in church life, as a regular, normal part of member to member, one another relationships and ministry. 

  • That’s where God ordained it. 
  • we’ll look at a passage that is a picture of church life, living together.

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  • Tom Zimbelman says:

    This is right on, but very rare now in the church from what I’ve seen. The journey through these podcasts and courses at CCU have been and continue to be very revealing. Christian and Biblical counseling is to be conducted by the church. Jeff is so correct in the description of those sterile, office-like settings where so many counseling appointments take place. The church is where we find restoration, instruction, encouragement, correction and all that we need through the Scriptures to lead one another to a stronger relationship with Christ. We are to equip one another in the power of the Holy Spirit and through the teachings of the Scriptures. I love also how Jeff spoke of welcoming one another, not putting up boundaries as is so often practiced in this day and age. A convicting yet encouraging podcast.

  • Anne Marie Maguire says:

    Thanks Jeff for a nice reminder of the value of the local church. I am thankful for church and the role it had in my healing.

    I personally found great help in the local church for my own issues; by the teaching of the word on a Sunday and church bible studies every week. There can be more support in the church and more time given to those in need and not just the pastor, the church members have a huge role and can encourage and build one another up.

    I liked what your saying Jeff about receiving each other, making room for others and especially those who are on the outside. I feel this is my personal ministry helping those who are broken, poor and not accepted in society, on the outside. Great message! Isn’t that what Jesus did he reached out to those on the outside, the outcast.

  • Greg Nelson says:

    One of the things that really stuck out to me was that we should be counseling one another! This is really important for me at this point of life because of all of this coronavirus thing going on. With this thing going on, I have been able to call different people who the Lord puts on my heart! I love how God works through everything.

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