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Happy Covid New Year

Walking into the New Year with the truths we learn at Christmas.

This Christmas will be different from any other for some who are not able to spend it with their loved ones.  God has this though. He is in control.

How do we handle a Covid Christmas? First, we can be encouraged because the circumstances of Jesus’ birth were difficult as well. Look at the blessings God brought into their midst. Don’t make unreal expectations of things being ideal. Look for the blessings that God brings, even in the midst of suffering or difficulties. Ask God for sensitivity to see how others are really feeling, share love with others in creative ways during Covid. Find ways to serve others. Slow down and spend time with the Lord, in His Word and prayer.

God has everything in His control. God encourages us to remember He is in control and to take on His peace.

Realize the gift God gave us when He sent His Son. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving. God with us.  Every day.  Here and now. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

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  • I really enjoyed the podcast! This is our new normal and I appreciated the thoughts that we need to have godly expectations but not idealistic preconceived expectations. God was humble and content in situations during His time here on this earth which was horrific compared to the majesty of His perfection. It is such a good reminder to have that Christlike mentality as our freedoms are restricted, is is easy, far too easy to grow weary. In France, we are looking at lowering our curfew to 6pm instead of 8 or installing a third confinement. But rather than growing weary, looking to Christ who is the perfect example of self-denial to love others and to encourage others to do likewise. Thank you for the reminder.

  • What a wonderful confirmation to what God has been putting on my heart already! Godly Expectations! How amazing was this! I have been guilty with having expectations on so many around me and often these are not expectations that they are to be carrying. These expectations come from me being self centered and not others centered. Jesus set the example of what it means to be other centered when He said to the two disciples who were arguing about who would be the greatest among them. He said in Matthew 20:28 “just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”
    How do we learn to be other center and not self center, we need to spend time with the Lord. I love the point in the podcast, slow down and listen. I heard the other night from Tony Perkins “Nothing healthy comes from the drive thru!” So true, we need to take the time to sit at the feet of Jesus and learn from Him! It is the only way we will weather the storms! I want to end with this: Psalm 5:8 “Lead me in the right path, O LORD, or my enemies will conquer me, Make your way plain for me to follow”

    • I’ve never heard that, I’ll look up “Nothing health comes from the drive thru!” It’s true though, we can’t speed through sanctification. When you are Jesus centered, you really have no desire to put yourself first. Again, why we must spend time with Him daily, or our flesh will try to take over.

  • I Like what was said about not having unreal expectations moving into the new year. Often times I can place an unreasonable amount of pressure on myself and then end up giving up because I did not recognize the overload! I believe what was said is : “Jesus was born in a manger.” It was not ideal and He could have done something else but he did not. What an example of humility. Learn from Jesus. Also Daniel was mentioned as a example of Focus. Trials usually throw my focus off and I can get really lost. Focus can be utilized during trials but what we focus on is critical. The mission is what is the focus. Also don’t think it strange to be in a trial/ Jesus Daniel all followers will be in a trial and more often than not. Something real easy to focus on while going through a trial and something I believe for me is critical is to serve others because its part of the mission. Serving others I can serve God and stay focused!

  • I am always encouraged when entering a new year and grateful to be entering 2021 as I know not many people we know suffered through sickness. And to have a chance to set new goals! My expectations this year I hope to be All the expectations Christ would have for me! Through his grace. Continue to deny myself and losing my life for his. Excited to see the transformation he can make with the new life he gives us. “His ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts but they are higher. “

  • I have found myself moving between two thoughts: 1) “Have faith and believe that God will provide just the right-sized (small) weapon to topple evil, just like he did for David to defeat Goliath, and also Gideon” and, 2) “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, God is with me and will comfort me.” This has guarded me against unrealistic expectations, and somewhat echos Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego’s stance: God is able to deliver us, but even if He chooses not to, I will not serve or worship evil. This outlook has helped me stay biblically grounded throughout the pandemic and the changing political landscape of the USA. God can chose, at any moment, to change things. He alone is in complete control and no one can thwart what He has decreed to happen. He may also chose to move world events through our lifetime toward end times in ways that are uncomfortable and difficult for us. Even in difficulty, however, He is our provider, sustainer and His grace is all-sufficient. He is a trustworthy and faithful God – no matter what!

    • This pandemic has challenged me as well! I struggled to see God at work different times! I also lost my Mother and have really been regretting not getting to spend more time with her especially since Covid had kept us distanced. I see that Gods plan can unfold whether were ready or not and he is so merciful to have set things up for us the way he has! He really takes care of us and loves us even when things are difficult!

      • Michael, I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of your mom. I pray the Lord brings you much comfort. We just never know what the future holds – but we can be confident in the Lord’s sovereignty over all of it. He knew exactly when your mom’s last day would be, and what the world circumstances would be as well, keeping you from seeing her. We can trust Him even in this. His ways and thoughts are higher than ours, and we can depend on our Good Shepherd!

      • I am sorry to hear about your mother! This pandemic has taken a whole lot from so many! The one thing no one could or no thing can ever take from us is our Faith in GOD! Stand strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. Stay focused on Him and when you need a reminder on who you are in Christ! Dwell, meditate on Ephesians Chapter 1.

      • Michael I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of your mother. This year I lost my uncle and grandmother who lives on the other side of the U.S. and didn’t get to say goodbye to, and a brother in Christ whom I did get to see while he was on the decline but not before he passed. In our readings we are reminded that our body is a shell that holds our spirit; kind of like imprisonment where the body releases the spirit when it is no longer useful to house our spirit. I sat and reflected for a moment, about going to heaven and seeing the people I loved here on earth and imagined what “glorified body” meant. The beauty and love and joy and peace and perfection that permanently engulfs the spirit must be spectacular! I can only imagine!
        I hope you find comfort in thinking about how beautiful they are in Christ and how beautiful we will be when we join them. Hugs brother.

  • Although it’s not nice to hear “Happy Covid New Year” if we see this from the Lord’s perspective then no matter what happens in this world, we can still say we’re “Happy” because as Jeff & Jennifer so rightly said, the Lord is in control. No matter what is happening we can still be “joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer. ” (Romans 12:12) I agree that even though circumstances are hard, we can still obey God’s Word by loving, serving and communicating in creative ways, sharing the gospel and making disciples. When we do things in partnership with Jesus we find joy.

    • Hi Anita, I agree with you, the Lord is definitely in control. Amen to that. What has kept me sane 🙂 this past year is that I have kept as active as possible in ministry. Focusing on others instead of myself. I must admit that it hasn’t been easy. But as you stated, “when we do things in partnership with Jesus we find joy.” So during this difficult season I have found myself more positive than most because of the peace and joy I feel knowing that God is on the throne no matter what!

  • I so love the title of this podcast “Happy COVID New Year.” The title is kind of an oxymoron, happy and COVID are two words that really shouldn’t go together. Nevertheless, I feel optimistic and excited for 2021. Why you ask? well it is one of the takeaways from this podcast. In 2021, I’m looking forward to being more others-centered and less self-centered. Being others-centered has not been easy in 2020 because I have found myself complaining over many things. But I’ve realized that when I focus my energy/attention away from my own circumstances and focus on others, I really have nothing to complain about. God has blessed me and serving others has made me see that more clearly. Thanks you Jesus!

    • Hi Laz, I too found it more difficult to focus on others over the past year. The lack of in-person connections brought more isolation which resulted in looking to my own interests more. However, God always has something for us to learn in each circumstance, and I believe this pandemic period has allowed dross from my character to surface so that it can be skimmed off, yielding a higher level of purity.

    • What a great attitude Laz, I found that after the first total confinement, our church members had a really hard time interacting, it took over a month for those that came regularly to be at ease in community again. Confinement and so much negative attention can create perfect conditions for self-centredness. It was always creeping at the door. Praise the Lord that He has a hope and a future in store for you!

  • Trusting God But checking my expectations at the door! Much easier said then done. But if I don’t check my expectations it can be a set-up for disappointment and or discouragement for sure! Although I fully believe that God is in control. I also know that He has given me free will and has given me Holy Spirit as my helper. So I have the ability to take what path I may. And with that I can head down a path of my own expectations which can be unrealistic. Deciphering reasonable expectations vs. unreal expectations is helpful. I like don’t focus on circumstances focus on God. Be flexible. Don’t be self focused. Serve someone else. And be sensitive to others. These help me keep unrealistic expectations in check. Christmas is still fresh in our minds and Jesus is always THE ANSWER! To make myself snap out of self focus I like to focus on His death and personalize it the best I can for me and that seems to draw me back to walking the plumb line of trust that I can easily stray off!

    • Yes, I love that encouragement Kendal, to take our eyes of ourselves and instead focus on others!! Best way to remove self from the picture.

    • Wow I like how you mentioned self focus! Looking outside of ourselves to Jesus is the key to true focus! Helping others while walking in the Holy Spirit is what I believe the abundant life to be while here on the earth!

  • This season of Covid has given me the opportunity to see the condition and posture of my heart. It has revealed to me in Whom my hope truly lies. It has revealed to me in who or what I have placed my fears in. It has reminded me that the provision, healing, security, answers and the finality that I seek are in HIM. It has allowed me to see that the Lord in all that HE is, all that HE has done, all that HE is doing, and all that HE will continue to do is never failing and unending. As you spoke about that night of Jesus’ birth, it stirred up in me that the motive behind the Census may have been meant for man’s gain and selfish desires, but the Lord will use all things for HIS purpose, HIS plan, HIS glory, and that nothing is a surprise to HIM. Nothing in this world will thwart HIS providence. Not even Covid. The people were awaiting a King, a Savior, to come in splendor, power and authority, yet that splendor and power came, just not in the way our worldly mind expected. Our expectation/anticipation should be in Jesus alone, regardless of the how, who, what, when and where- that is godly expectation. Worldly expectations have always left me empty, disappointed, distracted, and discouraged. It is not meant to be fulfilled through any one man, our circumstance, oneself or satisfaction. This emptiness has left me “hungry” in so many ways, because manmade “fruit”, synthetic fruit, really is no fruit at all- and it caused me to relentlessly strive to satisfy a hunger I could never satisfy, and then left to wallow in the “why”. I pray in this New Year that I will come before every circumstance, every situation, every uncomfortable and unsettled moment, with a heart and posture of humility knowing Who has authority, power, and sovereignty over all things. This year is going to bring great opportunities for HIS Word to go forth, for HIS spirit to ignite HIS people, and for HIS people to be stirred and willing to go, love, and serve. (1 Chronicles 29:11-12 is a good one to meditate on this week)

    • Yes there is so much about where we are today that parallels with the people awaiting Jesus the Savior to be born. Very difficult to KNOW God is in control to not plan and anticipate what we think that will look, just like was done with HIS coming as a baby back then. But I totally relate to the emptiness that comes as a warning for me that I have somehow started to look through my own eyes at how things should go, can go or hope to go. And I love how you said that leaves you “hungry”! Me too! Disappointment can creep in for a time when God lovingly shows me things aren’t going as I have planned. I now can take that as a clue that I have settled for “manmade fruit” and I have had far too much of that in my life and know where that leads! So like the bumper rails that get put up for beginners at a bowling alley it guides me right back to the feet of Jesus where all is put into perspective! The only place my hunger and thirst can be satisfied! I also agree that this year has great opportunities for HIS word to be amplified, Spirits to blaze and looking forward to enhance His Love and guidance with all I will learn not just from this class but from others like you!

    • Very true Kristine, There is so much that happened this year that really made me focus on who my trust was on. God is in full control at all times and nothing ever happens unless he allows it in His wisdom and will. And he uses the good and the bad for His purposes as with the census. A good encouragement to always remember. And way to have peace! My goal is to always stay close to him and on his side, the winning side. Thanks

    • Thank you for your great post Kristine. You caused me to think on the first coming of Christ. The people did have expectations! And those expectations caused many to miss Him. I pray that I don’t fall into the same trap! Our world’s circumstances are leaving little room for expectations – it seems we have a new ‘shock’ of some sort every day. There is nothing normal to count on. What we, as Christ followers can count on and expect, is for God’s plan to prevail. Man’s free will cannot override God’s sovereign plan. Praise the Lord for saving us from the wrath that is to come.

    • Good points Kristine. I recently heard a Pastor respond to a question about what these kind of upheavals, pandemic or political mean to the church. His answer was interesting. He said the you and I have no control over when you are goin to die, and the circumstances surrounding your death. It is best to live a life ready to meet your maker, and just be ready for the event. We Americans are so self sufficient, feeling that we can control everthing if we just put our mind to it. Right now God is saying to us “not so much”.

  • In the setting of Godly expectations for the new year, the question is not ‘what do I expect to accomplish this year?’, but rather ‘what does God expect from me this year?’. Historically I have set both spiritual and physical goals in my life. This podcast has helped me to reflect on both types of goals and see that the pursuit of them can be run in the flesh (for my benefit, my status, my gain) or run in the spirit (for God’s glory and to benefit others). When run in the flesh, the results are often disappointing and hollow; when run in the spirit, there is peace and joy independent from the flesh and worldly circumstances.

    • I’m on this same path Rick! It seems like “following” Jesus is very different from “doing good things” for Jesus. If the “knowledge of good and evil leads to death” where do we find life? In our doing good? That “tree of life” in the garden is so revolutionary, so miraculous we find Him hard to believe. We’d rather carry hard and heavy burdens rather than yoke with Jesus who promises that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. I guess the question is, “Why do I like, why am I attracted to the work which is hard and heavy? Why is it so scary to follow? To wait? To listen? And then to obey.” For me, I confess, it seems better, more sanctified to work for Him instead of following Him. I guess it makes me feel proud of myself–until I’m burned out to the point of being disillusioned from all those efforts producing nothing truly good. Do you relate?

      • I see where you’re at with following Jesus vs. doing good things for Jesus. In my experience, following Jesus is is easier when the works follow consistently. It’s one thing to do good things sporadically, but when a person is devoted to Jesus, doing good things for others becomes the natural way of living and happen more frequently since devotion is to Jesus is the first priority.
        we repent, doing a complete turnaround and going in the opposite direction of the world to follow Jesus. When we make this commitment, our desire is to learn all about Jesus and absorb everything about Him into our way of thinking and our actions in life; simultaneously, our actions become more Christ-centered rather than self-centered and doing for Jesus, first, becomes doing for others simultaneously.
        I think the knowledge of good and evil compels us to follow Jesus because we know our own way of thinking and doing, leads to death. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
        Being on the fence between the world and Jesus causes us to fall. I had this very conversation with the Lord last night before going to bed and He showed me a visual of the straight and narrow path that I walk. On the path straight ahead is the kingdom to which my goal is to stay focused on, but on both sides of the path are things of the world that look interesting enough to pay some kind of attention to. When I turn my head to look, my eyes become unfixed, even for a moment, and I become vulnerable to falling off the path and so I keep my eyes fixed on Jesus straight ahead; learning all that he has for me to learn on the way, dealing with others with love and humility who are put on my path, battling uphill problems on the way, slowing down if I try to move things quicker than the Lord desires, and while making the mistakes that grow me I repent for not completely trusting in His will and His way and His desire for my life. I want all that He desires for me and always pray for me to be in agreement with His will; lest I fall and cause my path to be difficult, or to stop at a problem that I just didn’t learn from.
        I’m also guilty of becoming burned out. One time when i was burned out, I spoke to the Lord and told him that our outreach ministry didn’t seem to be producing any fruit and I was worried that our efforts were not being received by the people. I was truly heartbroken and considered 1) stopping the ministry, 2) trying something different after 10 years in the ministry at that time, 3) handing the ministry to someone else. The very next day my husband and I were driving and came to a red light and saw one of the people that used to come to our outreach (outdoors) and the man came to the truck and said, “Hey I’m so happy to see you two! I’m sorry that I haven’t been to the park in a while but I got a job, no longer homeless and doing much better now. If it wasn’t for your ministry, I would have been dead.) I burst into tears at that very moment because I knew that God was answering my prayer and plea. He taught me that, just because I don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. We have had many things happen like this over the 13 years doing outreach and God knows the exact moment that I need to see something to increase my faith.

      • Hi Carolyn. One of the many beautiful things about the Word of God is that it “is living and active” Hebrews 4:12a. The end of verse 12 tells us the Word is “able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart”. The more we are in the Word, and yield ourselves to it, the clearer we will see the motivations behind our actions. When we alone try to asses our motives, we can intellectually view them spiritually and fleshly, ending at a bit of a stalemate; but when we allow the Word of God to reveal our motivations, our intentions, we will see the truth and respond appropriately.

    • Hi Rick, you’re so correct. “What does God expect from me this year” is such a great way to see the new year. That perspective is so much better than the self-centered what do I expect to accomplish this year. With God nothing is impossible!

  • This podcast was uplifting and inspiring! Being in ministry for quite some time, sometimes, disconnects our group from others in a way that could assist in “iron sharpening iron.” For this reason I took notes on “Happy Covid New Year;” also, to hear how others are coping with today’s worldly issues.
    I am looking forward to a new avenue to learn how to assist in giving Godly counsel while developing Godly discernment, while simultaneously enlarging my vision of Jesus.

    I will set up the New Year with Godly expectations, not expectations that are over the top. Godly expectations that are:
    • Practical – don’t set ourselves up for letdown or discouragement or disappointment
    • With the continued mission to go and make disciples
    • Commanded to love others, setting ourselves aside, denying the self

    I was able to reflect on the Christmas message, bringing it into 2021 with the knowledge and understanding that Jesus was born under circumstances that were not ideal, but God made it so that it could be wonderful and celebrated and joyful. While I am able to recognize the suffering, I also recognize the humble beginnings as a blessing to me in the midst of suffering; His suffering for me, and my suffering during this time filled with joy because of His suffering.

    I loved the “blessed are the flexible!” Even though my desire is to reach out and assist others who attend our outreach to the homeless, I sometimes am not as flexible as I should be. I will choose to be “others” centered and not “self-centered.” I have always been blessed when I am in service to others during their trials

    I will have to make a list, to spend time with the Lord and jot down what the Lord is showing me about His word and what it says that is important in my life for His purpose.

    • I really appreciate your points for godly expectations. Being practical with expectations is not easy but focusing them on making disciples and making the most of opportunities to love others is central to Jesus’ call on our lives. Being flexible in a fallen world is critical too! I like to remind myself that “… we are God’s handiwork created in Christ Jesus to do the good works, which he has prepared in advance for us to do.” It comforts me to know that even if I miss an opportunity, God will give me another chance to do what he has created me to do.

  • These are troublesome times for some. My parents lived through World War 1, the 1918 Flu Pandemic, World War 2, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. They saw more death and destruction. They saw way more death and destruction than most of us have. Sometimes I think we are a bit spoiled. But one thing was true for them as it is for us today. That is that God is in control, and He only wants what is best for His children. I have certain expectations about when the Covid. thing should stop, and who should be in political office this year, but for His purposes His expectations may be completely different. Our job is to stand with the Church as the Pillar and Ground of the truth. There are going to be a lot of people who have been trusting in the things of this world, that will need to hear the truth during this coming season. God can be trusted for the outcome.

    • It is so true that we are not nearly seeing the devastation that our parents, and their parents saw and lived through. For the most part I have had a comfortable life, not easy, not free from hardship and trials, but a pretty comfortable life. I believe we are a bit spoiled. So many things are still happening throughout this world that are worse than what we are enduring. But really, the spiritual poverty and death is far greater than anything that can harm or destroy us this side of heaven. I just know that God has always been faithful to leave a remnant, a remnant to rebuild, a remnant to stir up, a remnant to save. May this be a time believers stand firm, gird up, and go out. There is a world looking, seeking, desiring any kind of hope, any kind of answer, and through HIS Son, by HIS word, in the power of HIS Spirit, HE will speak and HE will meet them where they are at <3

    • You are so right! We haven’t suffered like previous generations. There are great advantages to those losses which place the eternal things of God back in their proper position. Strangely, it appears that losses suffered by some in our day do not lead to a fresh dependence on God but claims of victimization, expensive lawsuits for malpractice and riots of revenge. The “make someone pay for may pain” is rightly answered with, “He did pay–for it all.”

    • True, these are troublesome times; some realize it, others have no ideal that God’s hand is on it. I came from a family that was broken in every sense of the word, so communicating any hardship, though felt, was never discussed and any ideals and opinions were left open to consider. I would love to hear about life-experiences from my family, but most of my family does not communicate because their ideas are worldly and quick to start a fight and block communication for a while because of the inability to except differences of opinion and belief; which is faith, politics, the origins of Covid and more. God is aware and very much in control of all that is happening on earth and I agree that our job is to “Stand.”
      Recently, both my husband and myself received that word from the Lord: His was when he was driving home from work and he had a vision of Jesus standing on the earth; I received the word the same day and when he came home I was watching the movie “The Stand.” A friend, who is a Biblical Counselor received the same word and began watching the same movie; even inviting people to her home to watch it. Another friend received the same word and believes, after prayer and fasting, that we are in for even greater turbulence and that we are to stand in battle in prayer as God’s Army would, and really pressing into the Word so that we are well equipped to give the Gospel at a moment’s notice.

    • Thank you for sharing, Harry. We, as the church, will need to be well-equipped with the truth of God’s word to encourage hurting believers, and also to share the gospel with disillusioned non-believers. You are so right: many have been trusting in things of this world. God continues to show us that we cannot trust in man, our constitution, our judicial system or a vaccine! God alone is faithful, keeping covenant and steadfast love with His people. We will need to help others find their hope in Christ alone!

      • Yes, JoAnn, your response is so loaded I don’t even know where to start with a reply because I agree with all of it.
        Well-equipped – I was attending UNR and transferred to CCU because of the increasing indoctrination that is being forced on the students. I had been praying for God to open the doors to CCU, being accredited, so that I wouldn’t have to attend one more class of indoctrination; even to the point of tears several weeks ago. I succumbed to the fact that I would have to enroll and went online to MyUNR to search for classes and begin enrolling when I got a phone call from a sister in Christ telling me that she just heard that CCU became accredited. This was God answering my cries! Accreditation is important, otherwise I would have to start paying back student loans in January because CCU wouldn’t be recognized as an accredited school.
        The Lord knows that our time is short and we must be well-equipped so that we can be about our Father’s business. This year is going to be full of turmoil if God allows things to continue to happen in the political realm; and yes, He has shown me since I was very young that man cannot be trusted which has helped me to detach from things of the world to follow Jesus. Childhood trauma turned out to be a blessing that God is using for His glory. We need to be well-equipped, Stand with Jesus, Stand together sharing the Gospel, helping others find their hope in Christ alone. Amen.

        • Kristine,
          I also had to transfer for the pursuit of a pure biblical counseling degree! I was attending Liberty University online, and did not realize that their counseling degree is psychology-based. I am having to retake a few courses, but I am thankful for the Lord providing this opportunity. Praise God He met our need and honored our desire to share His word in counseling as opposed to man’s wisdom!

          • Hi JoAnn,
            When I began my educational journey, I had the thought that I would earn a degree in psychology, and then attend a Christ-centered educational system to learn biblical counseling. Not for the sake of the belief that all truth’s lead to God, but so that I could compare and contrast and refute psychology. I have to admit that I did get caught up in psychological explanations, and earned an associates in psychology, and then transferred to the university of Nevada and went as far as four classes from my bachelors in psychology and a minor in human development; but the forceful indoctrination became so very overwhelming. I was literally in tears each semester thinking about how our world has become so evil and so angry that my christian opinion was docked in my grades and validity. Our children are in so much trouble and being lead to hell as they are being taught that sexual purity is in the eye of their own opinion, and encouraged to explore all that they desire. I was so upset about the content that I copied the online book and saved it so that I could one-day write a book about it; honestly, I just don’t know where to start with all the censoring that is happening today. The online book is not made available to the public because it was written by a few professors who support this type of behavior at UNR.

            I wanted to earn a living in psychology while teaching biblical principles, but I could no longer handle the evil. I don’t know about Liberty University and their content, or what you have experienced, but I know that God allowed the accreditation of CCU for such a time as this.

    • I was just talking to someone today about this very thing. We have for so long had it good, we have had prosperity and peace, health and great times. We praised God and moved forward with so many worldly goals in our hearts and minds. Then a virus comes on scene and those things that we had put so much time and effort in all came to a halt. No longer were things so certain, travel plans got canceled and our world was turned upside down. Now just Yesterday the capitol building stormed lives lost. So many people have been looking to the government to fix the problems. These things can not be fixed by any man, We need Jesus! and we His followers have Him. We have the cure and the world needs Him, so many without Hope and He will bring it to them, So many being tossed by the seas of life and He will be their anchor and calm the storms. So many dying without the knowledge of Him, and He came to give them Life forever with Him! Heaven is real, Hell is real which one are we going to? We need to be certain about this and Jesus has shown us the Way to Heaven! Let’s get out there and show others!

      • My Parents lived through the 1918 pandemic. They told stories of going to funeral services multiple times per week. They lost many friends and acquaintances. But one thing I never heard from their mouth was a complaint, blaming God as an unjust God. We need to learn to trust Him that the out come of this will be for our betterment and His Glory.

  • Thank you, Jenny and Jeff, for a great metaphor! And “Hello” to my fellow CCUers. I’d not considered how the birth of Christ blew away Joseph’s, Mary’s and even the world’s expectations of what this birth should/would look like and how this relates to our current dashed expectations. Joseph was certainly submitting to the uncomfortable and unexpected. Mary, even if she knew the Bethlehem prophesy, would’ve planned to have Jesus in suitable accommodations! I’m often thrown for a loop when God is at work and, like Jenny and Jeff, I find comfort in knowing that I’m called to be an “overcomer.” I’ve done a lot of post-election counseling recently due to this very thing—expectations dashed. It’s good to take my expectations and reframe them to what God has for me: overcoming, which is better, holier.

    • I too think Jenny and Jeff nailed it for the parallel of the birth of Christ and our situation today! How comforting to know that Mary and Joseph were born for such a time as that and that they were open to being used by God to produce HIS PLAN! Even when HIS PLAN meant humiliation, hardship and difficulties! Knowing that they chose overcoming and like them we are called to be overcomers brings comfort that they led the way! God’s word is always a light unto our paths!

    • Yes, it can be very hard to overcome feelings of disappointment when our expectations are dashed. I can appreciate how those you are counseling will feel the election outcome is not what they prayed for and how you might counsel them to turn from this mindset to one of trusting the Lord and focusing on the things to be grateful to him for and the opportunities that come from these circumstances.

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