January 23, 2022

SCROLL DOWN TO THE COMMENTS! What You’ll Discover in this Episode:142: Love CommunicatesAn important part of Biblical Counseling is the topic of conflict resolution.  This includes learning about interpersonal communication. As we grow in the Lord, as we are walking with Jesus, we are always learning to be better communicators. You can accelerate that growth

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January 20, 2022

There are chapters in the Bible that teaches a lot of truth on how to handle conflict: what to do and what not to do, right responses versus sinful responses. It’s important that we go through these as we are training to be biblical counselors.

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January 4, 2022

The Lord who is our Counselor, is also our refuge and strength — a very present help in trouble. Even if the world is falling apart and shaking, He’s still our refuge and our strength. God is our strength. He is our place of safety. He’s right there when the troubles come as our refuge and strength.

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December 30, 2021

Psalm 73:24 the psalmist confesses a great truth:

“You will guide me with Your counsel, And afterward receive me to glory.”

This is to be our confidence for time and eternity. 

Throughout time God will guide us with His counsel, if we let Him, if we look to Him, and if we trust Him to do so. 

And afterward, what will He do? 

As we’re walking along that path of His counsel, He’ll just receive us right into glory. 
He’ll just continue it in heaven forever. 
The Lord is our Counselor.

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December 21, 2021

Counseling God’s way is not getting ideas from the experts of the world in psychological theory.  Rather, it is putting our hope in the Lord and using His ordained means of counseling.  Let’s ask God to show us if the counsel that we receive and the counsel that we give fits His pattern.  If so, thank God and press ahead in it.  If not, let’s allow the Lord to adjust our counseling to His will.  Also, may we pray for all in the church world to do the same.

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