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005: Forgiveness – Resolving Conflict God’s Way

While one may not be surprised to see forgiveness discussed around conflict resolution, the counselor, counselees, and Christians must cultivate a heart of forgiveness for effective conflict resolution. How does forgiveness prepare our hearts for conflict resolution?

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004: Gentleness – Resolving Conflict God’s Way

If a spouse, worker, parent, or child finds himself or herself in many conflicts, you can assume that he or she lacks gentleness. If biblical counselors lack gentleness, they can escalate conflicts or harm their counselees, especially when stepping into a counselee’s sinful mess. What principles should guide how we think about cultivating gentleness for conflict resolution?

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003: Humility (Part 2) – Resolving Conflict God’s Way

In conflicts, two people or parties are determined to get what they want. What heart dispositions should Christians cultivate to counteract pride?

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002: Humility – The Prerequisite to Conflict Resolution

Humans have conflicts stemming from hatred, lust, lies, and covetous desire in their hearts. But what if there was a way to ensure that conflicts could be prevented before they happened?

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001: Resolving Conflict God’s Way (An Introduction)

Greetings! Welcome to The Biblical Counseling Podcast.  Conflicts are like forest fires. James says, “…The tongue is a flame of fire…It can set your whole life on fire…”  If you address them when they are still small, you can save yourself much grief. At the same time, many conflicts appear out of control, as desires erupt […]

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